Nuts and Snacks for your Home Party!

It's time of the Year to restock your Party Snacks at Home! One more long weekend is coming and you can invite your guest to your home, of course not more than 10 people (now due to Covid19 situation). If you're not a party animal, then munching these snacks over Netflix would be perfect.

Here I have restocked my Home with some unique snacks from Nuts and Snacks Singapore, they provide snacks for all occasions. Varieties from Rice crackers, Chickpea snacks, and many more. These snacks can be used as party treats or used as a reward for yourself after a day of hard work. 

Here I have BBQ Chickpea Snacks, BBQ Rice Cracker, Chilli and Lime Snippets, Honey Dijon Snippets, Chocolate Pretzels and Peanut Butter Pretzels. Don't be deceived by those simple looking snacks, it actually tastes better than the looks. My favourite from the above series is BBQ Rice cracker and Chocolate Pretzels. 

I'm not a peanut fan, but I think if you're you should try the Peanut Butter Pretzels... it's very Unique!

Here I've Banana Chips restocked too. You'll easily find your Guest loving it, it's not hard to find a Banana lover. 

Here, one of my favourite product from Nuts and Snacks Singapore. If you've ever eaten fresh Nougats from overseas, especially in Wintertime. You'll know that Nougat is actually a soft snack, not a hard snack. Every Nougat I have tried so far in Singapore are hard Nougat... until I've tasted this one from Nuts and Snacks, it's a totally different experience. It tastes really good and it's not hard to bite.

My favourite is Supreme Nougat and my husband's favourite is Cranberry Nut Nougat which is the one with red cranberry bits in it. It's a MUST-TRY and very addictive! 

Other than providing lots of varieties of Snacks, Nuts and Snacks have many varieties of Nuts, Dried Fruits and Granola product too. Perfect for making Overnight oats, healthy breakfast.

Some of the nuts that are commonly used in Overnight oats can be Pecan nutsWalnuts, Almonds, Hazelnut and Brazil nuts.

Other nuts can be in part of your Recipe throughout meals/pastry of the day, such as Cashew nutsPine nuts, Macadamia nut, Pistachio nuts and more...

Dried fruit can come conveniently when you need to make instant yet healthy food.

If you're looking to restocking your home Snacks, Nuts, Dried fruits, Granola and in general Tidbits in Singapore, now you know who to look for. 

The Nuts and Snacks from are sourced from all over the world. They understand the difficulty in obtaining good quality nuts and snacks at an affordable price. So now, you can get high-quality nuts and snacks at wholesale prices with Nuts and Snacks Singapore. Shop and buy online and get it delivered to your doorstep in Singapore.


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