Tulasi Restaurant for Vegetarian & Vegan in Singapore

The beauty of being on the look out for good lunches out there is, there are so many great places with great and interesting food I've tried. This could probably be the Best Vegetarian Food I've ever try in Singapore and you should try too. Most people will not become vegetarian or vegan because plant-based diets are usually boring, bland and unappetizing. Many common foods are already vegan; bread, pasta, rice, fruit, vegetables and so on... You can go vegan in a way that greatly improves your health.

Tulasi Vegetarian Restaurant as the name has said, it is a Vegetarian restaurant where you can enjoy super wide range of vegetarian dishes such as cuisines from Indian, Chinese, Thai and Western styled food. I was there with my husband and our first impression is it's a very homely friendly restaurant. 

The first thing served was a bucket of Indian Keropok and the sauce which taste like pineapple flavour. It's a very interesting combination.

We had Pandan Chicken as the starter of the day. I would recommend this dish especially if you eat while it’s hot and crispy... unlike the usual perception of vegetarian's meat which are bland and boring, I'm super impressed by the cooking skill of Tulasi Restaurant.. The dish is very appetizing. Slightly Crispy on the outside and tender juicy on the inside.

Great thing about Indian spices, they seems to makes every taste unique and blend it really well in their own way and style. 

The Mutton Soup doesn’t taste like the usual Indian Mutton Soup. It doesn’t have very strong mutton taste, this is good especially for those people who want to try mutton soup but dislike the strong mutton taste. The flavour concentration of the soup base taste similar to western styled, it is sweet and tasty. Awesome enough for a Vegetarian mutton soup!

Next, we had Cheese Naan and Herb Naan. These are incredibly filling. 

The Naans comes with Tulasi's in-house sauce that you can pair with. 

Naans is also one of Singapore's most adored Indian dishes, you may find a better choosing experience here at Tulasi Restaurant. From Plain Naan, Butter, Garlic, Cheese, Herb, Khurmi Naan to Masala Kulcha, Kashmiri Kulcha and Roti Prata, you will be spoilt for choice.

Biryani is a delicious savory rice dish that is loaded with different spices and fluffy saffron rice. The vegetarian version is a bold and flavourful as the colours seems. This aromatic rice dish comes in different choices as the Food Menu stated, you've an option of choosing the few:

- Malabar Dum Briyani
- Hyderabadi Biryani - Kacchi Yeqni
- Lucknowi Murg Biryani
- Channai Dum Biryani
- Vegetable Biryani 

And of course you may also choose: Plain Biryani Rice. 

Tulasi is one Family-friendly restaurants, the long layout restaurant may be good for big family outings and eating bonding together. It is conveniently located at 2 min walk away from Little India MRT station, Exit E.

Overall Experience & Review for Tulasi Vegetarian Restaurant:



Pandan Chicken - $11.50
Mutton Soup - $11.50Cheese Naan - $4.50
Herb Naan - $4.50Malabar Dum Briyani - $13.00
Hyderabadi Biryani - Kacchi Yeqni
 - $12.50
Lucknowi Murg Biryani
 - $12.50
Channai Dum Biryani
 - $12.00
Vegetable Biryani 
 - $9.50

46 Race Course Rd, Singapore 218559

Opening Hours
Tuesday to Sunday - 11am-11pm

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