13rd December 2014:
Things are getting a little personal here. I've never thought that I would start a food blog anytime soon in my life. Well, It was only after a while of convincing from quite a lot of friends/contacts, the people around me who told me that I should start one and since my photos are really Awesome to them... so why not!? Haha. So that's how Foodwanderers started! And here's my very first post! =D

You would probably wonder why "Foodwanderers" has that "s" behind, it's because I'm gonna bring my friends/loved ones to makan with me while I do my food tasting! Sounds fun isn't it!? Some might love certain food more than myself, so yay! More inputs and opinions are GOOD

Updates, May 2015: Started Goods-wanderers
Popping some lifestyle content on "Goodswanderers" (new section of Foodwanderers)

Stay Tuned and follow for more!!!
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PS.  A little more About Me: I'm Irene, a Professional Photographer who self-learn Photography since 10 years ago. I learnt through work experience, experimenting and finding inspirations. Throughout the years, I've learnt not only the technicalities as well as creativity to make sure my clients get beyond what they want. My favourite set of equipment are Canon 5D Mk III Body, Canon 50mm Lens F1.4, Tokina 11-16mm Lens F2.8, as well as my favourite digital software, are Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. I only use Manual ISO, Shutterspeed, Aperture settings mode on my DSLR, and at times I set white balance and colour correcting manually to make sure I get the true colours I want to show in my final pictures.

Occasionally I run Photography classes, sharing the useful knowledge I've learnt through hardship in which it can apply in great situation for other amateurs Photographers who are trying to level up. I work with a Team of Photographers, each of us has something we are niche. My Niche has always been good at freezing the right moment in the perfect expressions that touches the heart.  If you need anything Photography, be it from shooting to learning it. Please feel free to ask me! photography IG @ renezsg

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Singapore Food & Lifestyle Blogger Hello, I'm Irene

Welcome to Foodwanderers blog! The concept of Foodwanderers blog is to invite Friends to makan together and gather different opinions in the Food we ate. Read more long self-intro about why I started this blog here.