Famous Chicken Rice in Singapore: SIN KEE FAMOUS CHICKEN RICE

Sin Kee Famous Chicken Rice, formerly shifted from Maragret Drive and then Queenstown (Commonwealth Ave). By hearing this, you would definitely have an idea how long this Chicken Rice business has been running.

It is now shifted to Coffeeshop @ Blk 6 of Holland Close.

As many might know they are famous for their Signature Dish; Steamed White Chicken.

If you gonna head down for dinner with bunch of friends & families, Sin Kee is the place for you!
While I was there, almost everybody in groups were having their half or whole chicken set on the table. It's a eating place where you can plan your gatherings at. Apparently if one whole chicken isn't enough for you and your meat lover friends, an alternate option to not over-bloat is that you can order quarter chicken more!

This time I had four other friends eating the Chicken Rice set meal with me, and we took a group photo with the Boss of SinKee Famous Chicken Rice Stall! 
Nobi (most left), Myself, Steven (Boss of SinKee), YoonLee (most right), Raymond (the one behind the camera), Angel (not in this picture)

So five of us were happily eating, as well as reviewing SinKee's food. And ofcourse five of us crave for different stuff from SinKee, overall the following are the comments we have got from all of us!

We usually get only the chili sauce & soy sauce, and here we've traditional blended ginger to eat and mix with. If you are a person who loves spice & sauce, this is something you won't want to give a miss! Moreover, I was impressed that although the Chili is really hot but the taste was really good. Infact, people like Raymond who loves really spicy chillies would love this blended chili sauce lotssss!

One simple thing I like about SinKee is that, they've great varieties of Ala-carte choices to add to my main meals. I love especially the Boiled old cucumber soup, another option of soup would be lotus soup. What's more!? Ala-carte dishes also includes Curry chicken, Porridges, Vegetables such as CaiXin & Bean sprout). YoonLee and I pretty much love the CaiXin, simply because it has a soft sweet stem and the sauce of the vege taste really good!

Nobi & Angel loves SinKee Signature dish, the Steamed White chicken.. TADAH!!!
Angel comment was, the Chicken is cooked to its perfection and the portion that was given by the stall is extraordinary generous. We all do agreed that the ingredient were really generous!

Our Overall Experience & Review for SinKee Famous Chicken Rice Stall:




Whole Chicken - S$25/-
Half Chicken - S$13/-
Curry Chicken - S$5/-
Boiled Soup - S$4/-
Porridge - S$3/-
Vegetable Ala-carte - S$4/-

Blk 6 Holland Close, Singapore 271006

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