The Famous Food Heaven in Singapore, located at Bedok Simpang is just few minutes drive from Tanah Merah MRT Station. As some might know #Thebedokmarketplace is the 1st and ONLY Private Hawker in Singapore.

The newly revamped Bedok Market Place is now a place full of Food Street Atmosphere and filled with Restaurant Quality food with very reasonable hawker prices. Isn't this kind of something your Christmas Wish came true? Good food at affordable prices, value for money! At #thebedokmarketplace, not only we get the GOOD FOOD but the atmosphere too! This is the only Hawker in Singapore you will be able to find such ambiance around and of course, all the Good Food Under one roof.

I'm about to recommend this two Food Stall at #thebedokmarketplace; Crab Story & Taiwan Porridge.

Today I invited Raymond to join enjoying the good food with me. The first Dish that is served to us is this "Crispy Salted Egg Salmon Skin". It is rare to have salmon skin selling in Singapore Hawker, and it's even more rare to find a Salted Egg flavored one. Athough I'm not a fish-lover but having to try this Dish, makes me feel like eating it again. I love its Crispiness, it's Salted Egg taste and yet is not too salty, it brings out a little bit of sweetness in Salted Egg. 

Then we were served with small portions of Sweet Potato Porridge with four other side dishes. These are Dishes mixed with Taiwan Recipes by the Food Stall's Chef. You may seen some of the dishes commonly sold in Singapore's hawker center, but I bet they don't taste as good as this. Apparently I would say anything to do with Salted Egg, Taiwan Porridge Stall is really good in making them!

I'm personally not a meat-lover, but Raymond is. He commented just by smelling the Dishes, makes him hard to resist it. Especially for the Braised Pork and Steam Salted Egg with Minced Meat. Every Dished brings out a little sweetness in them. Not salty, and feels like eating it again after just one bite.

As for me, I'm a seafood lover. It was really awesome to have tried their "Crab Braised Mee Hoon". The Portion was really huge! And the Crab was super Fresh and Tender! I usually love eating the Crab Claw, so It was really Shiok for me because the Crab here was really huge so as the Claw! I love it not only because the ingredients were very generous but also because the taste of the whole Dish is very unique and unforgettable. 

Overall, Raymond and I were impressed by the freshness and generous portion of the food and also we love the Atmosphere of the place! Great new place to have your Eating Gatherings!

Our Overall Experience & Review for Crab Story + Taiwan Porridge:




Salted Egg Salmon Skin - S$10/-
Crab Braised Mee Hoon - S$55/- for 2-4person serving
Black Pepper Crab Mee Hoon - Small S$38/-  , Medium S$48/-

Salted Egg Salmon Skin - S$8/-
Crab Braised Mee Hoon - S$45/-

The Porridge & side dishes are order in economic rice stall form, go to their stall soon! FYI, If you plan to tabao/packet the "Crispy Salted Egg Salmon Skin", you can re-heat in oven and eat within 2 days. It's best to eat once they fried, best taste ever!

By the way, Boss Lionel told me if you've super large group of friends going over. You can Ring up +65 9455 8860 , Lionel will order more Fresh Crabs especially for you and your friends! Personalized services! Thumbs Up!

348 Bedok Road @ Level 2,
Singapore 469560

Opens 12PM TO 12AM

Follow them @
Instagram @ #thebedokmarketplace


♥ Thanks for reading as always!

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