TAI LEI LOI KEI Singapore (大利來記) : Macau Pork Chop Since 1968

Tai Lei Loi Kei (大利來記) originated from Macau since 1968, having more than 40years in history. If you're a food lover and have visited Macau, there's a high chance you've probably eaten it's Signature Porkchop Bun before. The Traditional Signature Porkchop bun is made without machine, each one is handmade and baked by charcoal. Haven't got to know any delicious Authentic Porkchop bun? Then you should head down to Nex Shopping mall to try out TLLK's Signature Porkchop Bun some day!

If you are one of those people who kind of miss TLLK's Porkchop but just can't help it because you are no longer in Macau? Good News for you! TLLK now has a Branch in Singapore at a very convenient location @ Nex Shopping Mall Basement two, right above Serangoon MRT Station!

This time round I invited Ernest and Raymond to eat this Porkchop meal with me. SG TLLK has transformed their Cafe concept to a whole new look, just like Fast Food Restaurant locally.
 We were first served with Macau Milk Tea.
It somewhat reminds Ernest of Thai Milk Tea because he mentioned that it was the total opposite from it. If you are a sweet/sugar lover, this Macau Milk tea might not be so suitable for you. Because its taste is really natural, not too sweet and there's slight tea fragrance. Good for those people, who likes less sweet stuff.
We were also served with five other generous dishes. 

It's almost everything about Porkchop and at the same time, Bouncy Noodles too!
They have two versions, one Original another is Spicy. All of us love the original version of the Bouncy Noodle, and it's super recommended not only because it's the only one in Singapore but also because of its authentic taste! We especially love its gravy as it's in mixed of shallots, garlic and their own source of ingredient that makes it super tasty! I would say I'm impressed because I'm not a garlic lover, but it's great I didn't manage to taste it in the dish. For the Spicy version, it taste like Curry Porkchop Noodle.
Back to the Bun topic! 

 TLLK have two versions of bun, Signature Porkchop Bun & Polo Porkchop Bun.
Also "Breakfast Burger", a SG Shortcut name for the Macau's TLLK "Original Traditional Macau Styled Breakfast Bun", as you can see from the picture below:
According to the Franchisee (Andy) of TLLK, their Signature Porkchop Bun's size is slightly bigger than the one in Macau. Just like what Ernest have mentioned, we often eat Porkchop Bun with just a slice of Porkchop in it.. but here at SG TLLK we have two of it! Value for money isn't it?

Also if you've trauma eating Pork that are super hard, you'll not be disappointed again here. The Franchisee of TLLK (Andy) encourages customers to eat while it's hot, in order to taste the fresh, tender and succulent meat at its Best!

If you want to mixed with slightly local taste, you also have a choice of eating it together with Singapore-style Chilli & Ketchup sauce at SG TLLK!
Last but not least, if you love Fishballs and you love Curry too. Here's Curry Fishball for you!
It's commonly found in Macau & Hong Kong but not every single Food stall/restaurant can cook it well. Here's our Singapore's version ones by TLLK! Its curry gravy is very thick and yet it's not too spicy. Good for people who takes mild spicy. 
If you love taking Selfie, you can take photos with Mr Piggy located at the entrance of their Restaurant from the Mall. Their Restaurant is obvious to spot, as they have two Entrance. One from the Mall where you see Mr Piggy, another from the Interchange.
 Our Overall Experience & Review for Tai Lei Loi Kei:




Signature Porkchop Bun - S$6.90/-
Polo Porkchop Bun - S$6.90/-
Bouncy Noodles (Choices of Original/Spicy) - S$7.90/-
Curry Fish Balls - S$4.90/-
Macau Milk Tea (Hot) - S$2.30/-
Macau Milk Tea (Cold) - S$2.80/-

23 Serangoon Central,
Nex Shopping Mall,
#B2-15, Singapore 556083

Opens 10.30AM TO 10.30PM

Follow them @


If you understand Cantonese, Feel free to watch their Media Release Videos here. =)
TLLK's Food Menu here:


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