WAN HE LOU (萬合樓) Signature Lobster Porridge

WAN HE LOU (萬合樓), Famous for its Signature Dish : Lobster Porridge. If you were to Google and search for "Lobster Porridge Singapore", 9 out of 10 would link you up to different sites that would show you Good Reviews and People's Preference and Experiences they had at Wan He Lou. Many have been there, if you've not... It's probably time to Try it out!
While I was talking to Vincent (the Founder of Wan He Lou), I realised something Interesting and Unique behind this Traditional look-alike Restaurant's Name/Signboard. Wan He Lou (萬合樓) Specialize in Chinese Fusion Cuisine, they uses Modern Ingredients and it's very own Creation of Authentic Recipes by their Chef. 

This time, I'm Eating with Wally. We did not have any group photo because Everyone were just too shy on that particular day. Haha. 
We were first served with this Drink with a very simple name, "Vegetable Juice".

What would you think of, when someone serves you a Veg. Juice? Sounds "yuckish" and "raw" isn't it? The name of the Juice might have just got you the misjudged. The taste was totally awesome... And... I was so impressed, I started to sort of Interview Vincent regards what the Juice was made of? Vincent shares, Freshness is most important next is the ratio of ingredients. The Tasty Vegetable Juice is actually made up of mixture of CaiXin, Pineapple & Sourplum. It's like an undescribable Awesome-ness, MUST TRY! S$3.50/- only! 
The first Food Dish that was served was Salted Egg Lotus Root (鲜蛋脆莲藕), I feel it's like a combination of Lotus Root + Potato Chips. Good for those Chips lovers at the same time Lotus Root lover. I'm personally not a Lotus Root lover, it taste pretty alright to me. But it's also one of Wally's favorite Dish in Wan He Lou.  

Back to the Veges, next we were served with Green Dragon Vegetable (青龙菜), have you seen any vegetables that looks like that before in Singapore? I would probably guess no. It is very less seen in Singapore, as this Vegetable is originated from Cameron Highland of Malaysia. 

It was also my first time seeing and eating this, it tastes similar to Chives. And Infact I just learnt that it is actually part of Chives family.

This Green Dragon Vegetable is one of my Favorite Dish in Wan He Lou. It is not too oily, yet tasty. Best of it, it's unique... You can't find it anywhere else except here. =)
Next, we were served with Kurobuta Pork (香煎黑豚肉). Wally & I especially love to eat this Pork Dish by Wan He Lou. Reason being, a non-meat eater like me, sometimes dislike the raw taste of certain Pork Dishes. This Kurobuta Pork Dish was very well cooked with slight taste of sweetness, no Raw Porky Taste & No Fats Among the Meat. It is also very Tender within and Crispy on the outer layer of the Pork. Wally is a Meat-eater but he loves this Dish as much as me. So it's all good for both Non-meat eater and meat eater. 

For the Signature Lobster Porridge, It is usually Good for 2 big appetite eaters or 3-4 small appetite eaters. One Dish is given with Generous Portion of Lobster, only cost S$31.90/- . Sounds like a Good Place to go during Chinese New Year Period with your love ones?

Adding one more opinion to the Signature Lobster Porridge, Good for people who loves drinking soup, because of it's Soupy base.
Last but not least, Dessert Time!

Wan He Lou serve Seasonal Dessert so it's Limited Edition everytime you visit! The NOW Season Dessert is Black Glutinous Rice w/ Matcha IceCream. If you don't like Matcha or prefer something Sweeter, they also have Black Glutinous Rice w/ Seasalt & Caramel too!  
Wan He Lou opens for Lunch at 11am to 2.30pm, and Dinner at 5 to 10.30pm Daily. Inbetween the Hours, they are open to Rent out their Restaurant as Event Spaces for your Events. What Wan He Lou provides, ofcourse is not just their Space but also their Good Food. 

If you've any Upcoming Event with 50 to 80pax, Wan He Lou is a place you can consider. Feel free to click on their website here:

 Our Overall Experience & Review for Wan He Lou:




Signature Lobster Porridge (招牌龙虾粥) - S$31.90/-
Kurobuta Pork (
香煎黑豚肉) - S$14.90/-
Salted Egg Lotus Root (鲜蛋脆莲藕- S$11.90/-
Green Dragon Vegetable (青龙菜- S$9.90/-
Vegetable Juice - S$3.50/-

WAN HE LOU (萬合樓)
65 Maude Road, 
#01-01, S208347

Lunch: 11am to 2.30pm,
Dinner: 5 to 10.30pm

Follow them @ fb.com/wanhelou


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