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So Yes, I'm here once again @ The Bedok Market Place. This time round I brought 3 Friends of mine, GK, Angela & Raymond to try the Huong Que Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine Food Stall.
Firstl, we were served with Huong Que's Vietnamese Fried Spring Roll (Goi Cuon) followed by one of their Signature Dish, Braised Meat (Com Thit Kho) with Rice. Next, their Signature Beef Noodle (Pho Bo).
The next two dishes are Grilled Porkchop Rice with Egg (Com Suon/+Trung) & Grilled Porkchop with Rice Noodles (Bun Thit Nong Cha Gio). 
Let's start talking about the Porkchop first before anything else. 

For these Porkchop dishes, each of us have very different opinions. GK felt that the Grilled Pork with Rice Noodles has this Special Crunchy-ness and the nuts were blended well with the Noodles. Raymond felt the taste was slightly sour and for that it can be an Appetizer as well. 

Understand that some of the Grilled Porkchop Rice Noodles sold in Singapore can taste either Sweet or Sour. And its reason being is the origins of the area in Vietnam. So If you are likely liking the Sour version, Huong Que's Porkchop Rice Noodles are good for you.  

Next, I would like to talk about Spring Roll.
The Owner of Huong Que Food Stall, works hand-in-hand with his wife whom is a Vietnamese. And for that reason, their Delicacies Recipes are brought into Singapore by it's Original Traditions & Culture of her own hometown. The Cooking Procedure were inspired by her Ancestor's Culture & Style and also their ingredients are directly imported from Vietnam by themselves. This is in which the point I'm pointing out as for Why their Fried Spring Roll can be so Crunchy when you first bite it, and you are able to feel that double layered cruchy-ness skin.

We all agreed that the Fried Spring Roll is Tastily Crispy on the outside and soft in the inside (containing Yam). 

Not Forgetting to taste the Non-Fried Spring Roll (Cha Gio).
Overall, it's Fresh & Tender.

Coming back to the Beef Noodle, Most of us felt the taste was Average for the Dish. However good point from GK & Angela, Soup was not too salty and Beef was soft. Soup base is clear & have a slight Fragrance.
Last but not Least, I would like to recommend our Favourite Dish of the Day and it's none other than Huong Que's Signature Braised Meat!

Angela commented Braised Meat was especially good, the Pork just melt in your mouth! I'm definitely agreeable to that because I don't really feel like I'm eating Pork, that Chewing Sensation is like chewing Marshmallows... Soft & Tender..! It's a WOW.

Yum yum! We are so in love with the Braised Meat, not only for that chewing sensation but also it's gravy taste was Super Duper Awesome. A MUST TRY Dish!
Our Overall Experience & Review for Huong Que Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine:



Beef Noodle - S$5.50/-
Braised Meat with Rice - S$6.00/-
Grilled Pork Chop Rice - S$5.50/- (+S$6.00 w/ egg)
Grilled Pork Chop with Rice Noodles - S$6.00/-
Spring Roll (2pcs) - S$2.80/-
Fried Spring Roll (2pcs) - S$2.80/-

348 Bedok Road @ #02-19,
Singapore 469560

Opens 10.30AM TO 10.30PM


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