Teppanyaki Buffet in Singapore @ ONEMORE.sg (来一客)

I remember in my Teenage-hood, I often bring my mum to Pariss International Buffet Restaurant at Marina Square to eat ALL we can. That was those days, we've very deep impression about Pariss, not only because it was my favourite Restaurant back then, it's also partly because of my timeless precious memories spent there and also of it's Delicious Food that never cease to amaze me.

I've never know/predict One day I would be able to meet the Boss of this 5 Star Luxurious Restaurant, and I did met him here at One More Steamboat & Teppanyaki Buffet @ HillV2.

HillV2 is a new shopping mall located and surround between Bukit Batok and Bukit Timah. Convenient for those who are staying in the West, just like myself. I often go to Railway Mall to eat when I'm hungry in the night, now I've one more option to go to as it is just 1.8km apart.

This is our group photo with Boss (Mr Huang) & Wife (Carol) of Onemore.sg and they are the Boss for the former Pariss International Buffet Restaurant. Today I've invited Zhi Hong, Nobi & his two Thailand friend (Phumpat Rungrasee & Weeraporn Weeratibtaworn) to eat this Steamboat & Teppanyaki Buffet together.

We were first introduced with their choices of Soup base.
There were 5 choices:
1. Superior Soup
2. Korean Kimchi Soup
3. German Sauerkraut Soup
4. Italian Tomato Soup
5. Indian Curry Soup

And.. They do live demo in making the speciality soup on the spot for us.
With more than 120 types of ingredients, which includes Pork, Lamb, Chicken, Beef & Handmade Wanton/Dumplings + Seafood like Prawn, Crab & Mackerel Fish. You can eat All-You-Want for a Reasonable pricing, and without heading down to town just to get One meal done.
Not only do they have Awesome range of Food, but also specialities in Awesome varieties of sauces too!
Sha Cha Sauce is made with love in their own hands & recipes, this is something you can't find elsewhere with this exact taste. Another thing that I would like to bring out is that, I saw this little sauce corner with diced peanuts. It's kind of unique to see Restaurant providing it for mixing it in your food. Here goes nutty!
So other than having many varieties of the Raw Ingredients, Onemore.sg also provide a range of cooked food such as Chicken Wings, Fried Rice, Sausages & etc.

Inaddition, they provide Varieties of Taiwanese styled Fruit Tarts & Mochi too.
Onemore.sg also offers certain Ingredients that are rare in Steamboat Restaurants. 

Some of the Unique Ingredients are as followed:
- Rice Cake
- Cheese Fishball
Just by hearing me talking & looking at the Photos, Do you feel that you are flooded with so much Food? Yes, it is a Place Full of Food! Haha. Value-for-money!

What Foodwanderers love about the Food is...

Zhi Hong mentioned "It is rare that a Buffet Steamboat place so much emphasis on the Freshness of the Food", "The amount of care and details taken into their choice of Buffet Spread is Top Notch". He loves especially the sweetness from the Spinach, as well as their Teppanyaki & Taiwanese dessert.
I love especially the Superior soup base, its Unique taste is just so indescribable. If you love Chicken Soup elsewhere when Steamboat-ing, try their Superior Soup it's similar but it's alot more tasty. Moreover if you love Kimchi or Indian Curry and never try it before with Steamboat, you should. I'm not kind of a Spicy lover, but I do like adding Fishballs & Mushrooms into those Spicy Soup Base and it turns out to taste really Good after soaking for awhile! Selfmade Kimchi Fishballs, same goes to the Indian Curry Fishballs. So it's not just about the taste, but the Overall Experience cooking and eating it.

Nobi has the same thought as me in regards to the Location, especially I'm staying at Bukit Batok. So I feel it's really convenient for people like me, whom doesn't always want to travel far out to town to just eat a Steamboat meal. Now we've an alternate option to eat it nearer to my home, especially Gatherings with Neighbors, Families or Childhood Friend that stays in the same area as me.

Nobi's Thailand Friends were here for Vacation, Phumpat Rungrasee & Weeraporn Weeratibtaworn loves especially the Freshness of the Food as well as the Tasty Soup Base, so as the Unique Fish Roe Roll. We had many of those.

They were also impressed by the amount of varieties of Soup Base & the Freshness of the Food.
One more thing I spotted, is they have this "Orange" & "Mocha" Flavor Icecream. I've never seen any Orange Flavour Icecream elsewhere in Buffet Restaurants. And Rarely seen Mocha Flavour serve too. 
There's also quite a range of Teppanyaki Dishes to choose from, or you can Eat-All-You-Want just by submitting your clips at the Teppanyaki Counter. Prawn were super fresh, meat was tender and sweet, Veges with the sauce are nice too!
The Environment is Clean & Hygienic, not super Luxurious but it's comfortable enough for us. 
Our Overall Experience & Review for Onemore.sg:




Mon-Fri - S$22.80 (Adult), S$14.80 (Children)
Sat & Sun/ PH - S$24.80+ (Adult), S$15.80+ (Children)

Mon-Thur - S$27.80+ (Adult), S$17.80+ (Children)
Fri to Sun/ PH & Eve - S$29.80+ (Adult), S$18.80+ (Children)

Price subjected to 7% GST, No Service Charge

4 Hillview Rise, 
HillV2 #01-14/15, 
Singapore 667979

Lunch: 12 to 3pm
Dinner: 5.30 to 10pm

For Reservation: Call 6710 7478


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