Popular Desserts in Singapore @ DESSERT BOWL (一碗甜品)

If you've always been gathering around or near Serangoon with your friends or around Chomp Chomp @ Serangoon Garden, then you should never miss out Dessert Bowl's Dessert. It is located on 2nd Storey of a Shophouse just a few street away from Chomp Chomp Food Centre.
It's at a quiet little corner of Serangoon Garden, however it's obvious to spot. As you can see from the above image, once you see this Baby head you've already spotted them!
While climbing the Stairs up to Dessert Bowl, I see some beautiful pictures on the wall. If you are kind of an Art person, you probably would love it.
And.. along the way up, more Baby head pictures hanging on the ceiling. Haha. 
My first impression of the Cafe is it has this slight Hong Kong Concept Ambience, because it has quite abit of HK Homes & Shop Interior Miniatures Displayed in the Cafe. Feels like a mixed of Museum & Cafe as one. If you like exploring and looking at things around, this is somewhere you don't get bored of. 
Today I brought Raymond to eat with me.
We are recommended with THREE most Popular Desserts in Dessert Bowl by Serene (One of the Partner of the Cafe) .

The NUMBER TOP THREE Dessert is Mango Pomelo.
Some may know, I'm actually quite in love with Mango Pomelo. I used to eat at a regular restaurant whenever I had my Photoshoot at Gardens by the Bay. Not going to say where but it's easy to guess! However, It's slightly expensive than the usual Desserts around at the same time the Portion was not big and especially it's at a Touristy Location.
What I like about Dessert Bowl's Mango Pomelo Dessert is their Mango Cubes are bigger than the usual ones we ate elsewhere. It might seems harder to eat for people who have smaller mouth like myself... but it's actually quite soft and yummy.

The Main Great Facts about Dessert Bowl's Mango is that all the Mangoes are sweet. Serene told me they are very particular about the taste of their Mangoes, as much as they could get Sweet Mangoes from their Suppliers they will!

Raymond, a guy that doesn't like Pomelo told me the Sweet Mangoes actually balance out the taste of the Pomelo's bitterness. Haha.
The NUMBER TOP TWO Dessert is Aiyu Mango. 
Aiyu Mango Dessert sounds like Aiyu Jelly + Mango Cubes to me initially. 
But it's only when we start tasting it, we felt it was quite a Unique Recipe.. 
Although I'm not kind of a Milk or Cream Lover, I felt its Mixture was quite well blend. =D

Raymond commented It's not too sweet, well balanced mixed of flavors.
The Aiyu Mango is really Aiyu Mango and it's not Aiyu plus Mango, reason being it's Mango flavoured Aiyu Jelly plus Mango Cubes soaked in Milky Base.
The NUMBER TOP ONE Dessert is None other than, Durian Mousse!

My First Bite, was a scoop of Durian Flesh mixed with its Creamy Base. Yes, those are not Durian Puree, it's Durian Flesh! That is what makes it so Awesome & Unique and Different from other Dessert Stores around. Especially if you're a Durian Lover, It's a MUST TRY! I love Durian especially when I eat with Dessert, not all kinds but this one is definitely something I will come back for. Love at First Bite! 
Raymond told me this is his Favourite Dessert of the Day and he couldn't resist it.
It is just too Tempting!

My First choice of the Day is actually Mango Pomelo, love especially it's Freshness & the mixture inside.
And Overall, what makes Dessert Bowl's Desserts so much of our Recommendation is...

Normally when we are talking about Dessert in a Bowl, it's always about Shattered Ice, Flavoring and maybe Fruits. But at Dessert Bowl, you won't get those frozen sensation in your mouth yet able to taste nice cold Dessert.. They don't add shattered ice and don't dilute the flavor of the Dessert in your bowl!

Moreover, they don't soak in Artificial Syrups, No Preservations because they are very particular about the Freshness and it's very own Style of their Dessert!
Dessert Bowl opened their Cafe since 2008 at Serangoon Garden. If you've not been there, you should probably gather some friends & chat over Desserts someday. And Especially CNY is around the corner, good to catch up with some Old Friends.

Last but not least, alittle about Dessert Bowl's Background. It is setup by two Dessert Lover, now Husband & Wife. They love Desserts, so as they love serving their Recipes & Creations to their Customers. And They are always looking into new invention of their Fruits Dessert.

Our Overall Experience & Review for Dessert Bowl:




Durian Mousse - S$5.00/-
Mango Pomelo - S$4.20/-
Aiyu Mango - S$4.20/-

80A Serangoon Garden Way,
Singapore 555976

Opening Hours:
Tues - Thurs 1pm to 10.30pm
Fri - Sun 1pm to 12am

Closed on Monday


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