Food Places at Punggol: AH DONG TEH HOUSE 阿东茶餐厅

Sometimes I hope to have some Chillaxing Getaway from my Busy Life & the Super developed part of our Country, Singapore. Travelling out of Singapore is an option, but not every time I've the time to do so. An alternate option will be searching for New Places in Singapore that are awesomely Interesting & Beautiful for Refreshing Thoughts & getting New Inspirations.

Other than Playing or to be involve in Activities, the next I can think of is Eating and Chilling at the same time. Today I brought Raymond with me to Ah Dong Teh House. It is a 茶餐厅 (Teahouse) located at the Corner of Singapore, at Punggol Promenade.
If you are looking for a place to chill with your buddies, this is an alternate option especially if you are in love with Park & Nature Environment and getting away from the Crowd & Urban Lifestyle in Singapore.

Moreover, I feel Business owners who are looking for a Quiet & Serene places to discuss over work or meetings can come over to Ah Dong Teh House too. Ah Dong Teh House brings out Happy & Bright Colours with Great Atmosphere & Designs of their own brandings around it.

Mr Tham (one of the partners in Ah Dong Teh House) mentioned to me that the Cartoon Characters you see in and around the Restaurants are themed & have their own Storyline behind. Let me introduce you to the Boy Character Ah Dong & His Puppy Cookie, Cream the Bird. Cookie and Cream are Bestest friends ever. To view more of them and their story, do hop by someday to try out their food and view their interesting storyline!
The Restaurant offer FREE WIFI, so if you want to save your 3G you know what to do. Moreover I think if your Overseas friends are coming over to Singapore, this is one additional place you can bring them over to. Showing off Singapore still exist a piece of Serene & Quiet land out of the Busy Daily urban life we've. Haha. 

Ah Dong Teh House is one of the first Conceptual HK Tea House with a local twist, they serve food like Nasi Goreng, Dried Chilli Shrimp French Toast & etc. Its mixed of Local taste with some other Cultural Recipes are Blended & Originated by Ah Dong Teh House themselves, so it's definitely One and Only here in Singapore. =)
Today we are trying out most of their Popular Dishes. First, we were served with Garlic Butter Mussels. Its Butter gravy is tasty and not too salty, creamy butter but not too oily. Indescribable unique taste in the gravy in such a simple dish.
Secondly served with XO Carrot Cake.

It is one of their most Popular dish here. Although its Food name is just "XO Carrot Cake", but when we were chewing we realized there's Luncheon cubes in mixed with the Carrot Cakes Cubes. Nice idea for Unique Chewing Sensation Experience.
Then we were served with Luncheon Meat Noodle. 

Are you one Luncheon Meat lover? If yes, then you should not missed out lots of Luncheon Meat Dishes here!

Luncheon Meat Noodle taste slightly spicy, cooked with little Shrimps and for that it is slightly tasty. Unique thing about Ah Dong Teh House' Luncheon Meat Noodle is they gave generous Luncheon Meat portion, look at that 3 piece lying on the plate.
Next, we were served with Fried Toufu with Pork Floss.

It is warm on the outside, hot on the inside with Crispy External skin. It's tasty with their Premium Pork Floss with Thai Sauce. Yummy!
Do you love Sotong & Clams?
If you love both, they you should try at Ah Dong Teh House too! These two Dishes are XO Sotong & XO Clam. Similar to Zhu Char Style with XO & alittle chillies. 
Next, we've Baked Fish in Herbs. Raymond likes especially it is with Herbs, he mentioned it's not too Strong yet it brings out the good taste of the Fish. The green surroundings of the Fish are olive oil with coriander & herbs.
Ok, this is our Selfie!
Then, here comes our Colourful Drinks. We tried the three most Popular Drinks at Ah Dong Teh House. Firstly Ginger Lemongrass, Second is Strawberry Sour Mash and Third is Tropical Lemon Tea. 
My Favourite Drink is Strawberry Sour Mash, I feel it's a nice combination of Sour! But it's not super duper Sour, it brings on the sour and sweet balance. Raymond's Favourite is Ginger Lemongrass, he mentioned the Ginger is not too strong and it is good to taste something new and unique that you don't find it elsewhere.

For the Tropical Lemon Tea, it is not the usual Ice Lemon Tea you drink anywhere else. It is very Tropical and Sweet, so if you are not a Sour Lemon Tea person you can try the non-sour one here.
What I like about Ah Dong Teh House is, they have options for Customers to Add-on Toppings into their Drinks and additional Ala-carte to their Dishes.

Yummy Toppings Pictures below:
Last but not least, we had their Sea Platter set. 

Our Overall Experience & Review for Ah Dong Teh House:




Ginger Lemongrass - S$3.90/-
Strawberry Sour Mash -
Tropical Lemon Tea -
Fried Toufu w/ Pork Floss - S$6.90/-
Luncheon Meat Noodle -
XO Carrot Cake - S$7.90/-

Garlic Butter Mussels - S$9.90/-

Baked Fish in Herb -
Sea Platter Set - 
XO Sotong - S$14.90/-
XO Clam - S$14.90/-


Ah Dong Teh House 阿东茶餐厅 
10 Tebing Lane,
Singapore 828836

Opening Hours:
Mon - Fri 11am to 2am

Sat, Sun & PH 9am to 2am

Last Order @ 1am


♥ Thanks for reading as always!

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