CLOSED: F&BULOUS @ Tanjong Katong Road


F&bulous is Fabulously at Tanjong Katong. 

Katong, to my impression is a place full of beautiful Shophouses and Peranankan shops. Not sure if the Peranankan shops are still around but I believe the Famous Katong Laksa is still there. 

Today we are not going to talk about Laksa, but visiting F&bulous.
So... What is F&bulous? 
F&bulous is a Lifestyle Bistro/Cafe that serve mixed Western Fusion Cuisine, located at a convenient location along Tanjong Katong Road. It is also few street away from Amped Trampoline Park. So it's Good for a after-jumping meal! Haha.
The Simplicity of the Interior feels really comfortable & the warm colours are very welcoming.

Today Chelsea, Meng, Wileen, Yongshan & William tagged along with me to eat this F&bulous meal!

*Mario Mario*
We were first served with Oyster Mushroom Chips (Although it doesn't really looks Mushroom-ish). It is much Crispy & Thin than any Potato Chips. The taste is really unique and it's very addictive eating it.
So we were curious about it's thin texture, we ask Wendy (one of the partners at F&bulous) how it was made and why is it so Cruchy and at the same time if it weren't mentioned to us we wont know there's mushroom inside. So we were shown with their skillful thin slices of raw mushroom before it was fried. Awesome!
*Dracula's Wings*
Next we were served with Garlic Wings, I like the Crispiness of its Skin. Garlic is usually that something I wouldn't want to eat, but this dish wasn't as bad as I thought. It's not just pure Garlic, but also in mixed of herbs. Wileen commented it is Juicy with Strong Taste. However, William wasn't too please with the Strong taste of Garlic. Haha.

*Blue Moo*
Here comes, Blue Cheese Burger. 

As mentioned by most of my friends it has Generous Portion, the Cheese Flavour is really Strong & the Tender of the Fries makes it really nice to bite. 

*Agogo Chicks*
Next, We've Thai Style Chicken.

I love the Tomyam taste in it, it taste alittle like Cajun Chicken. This Dish wasn't super Juicy but at the same time not too dry. William & Yongshan mentioned it's Tender & Good, and the Taste is Great! Wileen added two words to describe it, "Aromatic & Savoury". 
*Pirates of Carribean*
Miso Black Cod!

Overall comment from Me & my friends; Fish is Fresh, Smooth meat, Slightly crispy skin, Not too fishy, Slightly salty & Generous Portion.
According to Wendy, F&bulous Bistro/Cafe creates their own Recipes & Sauce. So the unique taste in their Food is definitely one and only in Singapore. I feel majority of their Food have this unique taste that enhance their Food and blended very well. =)

Here's our Group Photo of the Day (at this comfy little corner): 
And, our NG photo here:
Right after, we were served with our Dessert of the Day! Coconut Butter Tart!
It taste much Awesome when you mix the tart with the Softee Icecream...
And this is Yongshan & William's one of the Favourite Dish of the Day!
Overall I feel this is a good place to do Fine Dining away from the City, not too far out from the city yet at a much affordable price. A experience to start with, if you haven't try Fine Dining before.

Yongshan & William added "It's a nice and relaxing place to be in, with reasonable pricing".
Wileen added "Good Place to hang around with Friends, Nice Ambience & Fantastic Desserts! Friendly Staffs".

Chelsea added "Food taste are special, Good Wifi connection & Nice Ambience".

Meng added "Cosy Ambience & Relaxing place".

We enjoyed ourselves not only because of the nice Food, we had fun chatting while eating. Chatted too Happily till we forgotten about the time. Lost in time for awhile. Haha.
F&bulous served more that 8 Desserts in their Bistro/Cafe, try it out soon!
This last Dish served to us is Sticky Toffee Pudding, One of Wileen's favourite of the Day!
Our Overall Experience & Review for F&bulous:




Oyster Mushroom Chip *Mario Mario* - S$8/-
Garlic Wings *Dracula's Wings* - S$12/-

Blue Cheese Burger *Blue Moo* - S$23/-

Thai Style Chicken *Agogo Chicks* - S$17/-

Miso Black Cod *Pirates of Carribean* - S$32/-

Coconut Butter Tart - S$9/-

259 Tanjong Katong Road,
Singapore 437047

Opening Hours
Tues to Sun (Incl. PH) 12 to 10pm
Closed on Monday


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