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Alittle about the History of Chen Fu Ji:

Chen Fu Ji began as a family business in a small coffee shop at Bukit Pasoh in the 1950s. It began with the elderly Mr Chen and his two daughters who assisted him with the operations of the business. It was situated opposite Yi Hoe Hean, which was a club for Chinese businessmen who were willing to pay top dollar for quality. The shop gained popularity due to the freshness of the ingredients and the quality of the food and their signature dish, the Imperial Golden Fried Rice topped with freshly peeled crab meat, was enjoyed by the regulars to the restaurant.However, in the 1980s, the area was pulled down to make way for new buildings. The two sisters, now in charge of the business, moved over to Erskine Road opposite Maxwell Food Center to continue their business there.

In 1995, the original chefs of Chen Fu Ji, the two sisters retired due to old age and the current owner, Mr Roger Koh took over and brought the restaurant to its current location at Riverside Point. Due to the heritage in the location over the history of Chen Fu Ji, Mr Roger decided to take up a location at Smith Street too for a branch.
Today, I brought Nobi & ZhiQiang to eat this set of meal with me. As mentioned above, their main branch is at Clarke Quay Riverside Point and the one we visited is their historical branch at Chinatown and has been around for about 25yrs.

The Manager of the Restaurant, Joseph introduced us with Chen Fuji's Unique Bah Gut Teh. It is unlike other traditional "Bah Kut Teh" you've eaten. It is perhaps traditional yet doesn't taste as Pepperish as the most common found ones. I feel this Bah Gut Teh version is good for those people who doesn't like to taste too much Pepper or doesn't like their Food being Spicy. I am still very used to the Pepperish Bah Kut Teh. So I added more pepper into my soup, and it tasted much Awesome than the one without pepper. However, Nobi & ZhiQiang prefer the Soup before I added much more Pepper.

It's good to have Friendship Gatherings here because you can suit the different people's taste bud. Also, it can be good to bring Children who can't take too Spicy food here to makan! Haha. =)
(Bah Gut Teh Image: Left; Long Ribs, Right: Short Ribs)In additional, You should not miss eating Bah Gut Teh with their unique taste sauce created by Chen Fuji themselves. Its fragrance attracted me, and its taste is unforgettable.
Chen Fuji says feel free to add soup! And they are fast in their services to add your soup for you.
 The Sauce is nice for not only Bah Gut Teh. It's meant for mixing with all kinds of Food served by Chen Fuji. One true facts about Chen Fuji sauce is that they don't re-use any sauce made from another day. They make new sauce every single day, to make sure it is fresh to serve their customers.
Do you love Eggs? Or do you love Tamago Eggs? This is not Tamago Egg, it's the Chinese Lava Egg. I love Tamago Eggs, so when I tasted this it somewhat reminds me of Tamago Eggs... The chewing sensation was similar, soft and tender. Pouring over the gravy sauce taste really good too.
Next we were served with Braised Pig Trotters & Preserved Vegetables.
 And, followed by White Pork Slice Minced Garlic.
Nobi & ZhiQiang felt in love with White Pork Slice Minced Garlic. Nobi says it is good for meat lovers, Nobi loves it's Thin texture and the taste of the Pork with the Minced Garlic. ZhiQiang mentioned it has very special taste with the sweet garlic sauce. Generous portion was given.
 Before we move on to the Abalone & Sharkfin Soup. Let's talk about the Famous & Historical Chen Fuji Golden Imperial Fried Rice, with a new name "Jin Xiang Yin Fried Rice" as of now. The below image is for one pax. And for that one pax portion with other Food Dishes, it's enough for atleast 4 pax eating together.
Accordingly to Joseph, Jin Xiang Yin Fried Rice has been very Popular for the past 25yrs. They have multiple regular customers who go down to their Restaurant just to eat their Signature Fried Rice.

When you look at the above image, It's obvious that Chen Fuji use Crabmeat that are fresh & thick and not the ones that are preserved and cheap.

ZhiQiang also added "Fried Rice is very Special & Freshly done".
 Next, if you love Abalone & Sharkfin soup. This is a yummy yummy place for you!
(Image above: Left; Abalone w Shitake Broccoli, Right: Crab Meat Shark's Fin Soup)
 The presentation of Chen Fuji's Abalone & Shark Fin Soup is already Awesome enough to make me drool. The Shark Fin Soup consist of thick ingredients, very generous portion of Sharkfin was served.

And, as for the abalone. Love the blend with Chen Fuji's sauce.

Our impression for abalone is usually "只要是Abalone, it will be nice to eat". Perhaps that's the not so right perception, because if the Chef is really bad at cooking their Abalone you might taste the Abalone like a Rubber without any taste. This one at Chen Fuji is amazingly soft, tender and tasty.  
Last but not least, we were served with Rock Sugar Hand Picked Bird's Nest. Soothing & Cooling Bird Nest here.

Overall, Nobi & I likes the Clean & Cosy Environment.

Nobi added it's a good place to relax after walking/shopping at Chinatown. Very Convenient too.
Our Overall Experience & Review for Chen Fuji:





Lava Egg - S$1.50/-

Braised Pig Trotters - S$8.20/-

Long Ribs Bah Gut Teh - S$9.80/-

Preserved Vegetables (Xian Cai) - S$3.00/-  or S$5.00/-

Pork Slice Minced Garlic - S$7.80/-

Jin Xiang Yin Fried Rice - S$25.00/-

Abalone w Shitake Broccoli - S$48.00/-

Crab Meat Shark's Fin Soup - S$30.00/-

23 Smith Street
Singapore 058937

Opening Hours
Daily 10.30am to 10.30pm

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