Seafood Restaurant in Singapore @ CHEN FUJI RIVERSIDE POINT

Few weeks backed, I wrote about Chen Fuji's Restaurant at Smith Street of Chinatown. Today I'm sharing about their Riverside Point Branch. It will never be the same again after you've tried their Salted Egg Crab at their Riverside Point Branch. Oops, I've already started talking about food at the beginning of my blogpost. Haha.

I was doing my photography coaching session in the morning with two of my students around Clarke Quay area, so I asked them along with me for this Sumptuous meal. (Desmond & Khan) 

I've also invited another Blogger friend of mine, Rina to come along to have this meal with me. Feel free to read up her blog too! Click here!

Chen Fuji located at a very convenient Location, good for all to come!
As you can see, Chen Fuji has this thick oriental "feel" even before we stepped into the Restaurant. Good to bring elderly along to enjoy eating as well as the oriental ambiance & spacious environment!

Just as I thought, the service remain as good as the Chen Fuji at Smith Street. Both are significant. We were serve with nuts once we were seated, and plates/bowls/wet tissue placed nicely on the table.
Furthermore, Beside our table we've a really Awesome window view. It's like sitting on a Bay Window of a Condo, feels really comfortable. Well, like I say it will never be the same again after you tried this Branch. Not only the Awesome view but the Food too! And... Imagine this beautiful scenery appears in front of you in the night... When it's all lighted up, it must be really beautiful!
Coming back to the dishes, we were first served with the appetizer *Braised Japanese Shiitake with Seasonal Vegetables*. It was awesomely yummy, I'm kind of a Shiitake Mushroom Lover so it was pretty much pleasant for me. Khan commented it taste plain, however to me it's just not too salty.
Next we were served with our favorite Dish of the day! The Unique *Salted Egg Crab*! Although it is not as common seen as Black Pepper Crab or Chili Crab, It is still commonly found in alot of Food places in Singapore. I initially wondered what would bring unique-ness out of this dish?

So it was only after eating it, we realized it's unique points! 
Rina commented it was easy to eat, not much of cracking needs to be done by us. I love the huge Crab claw & its tenderness meat in it. We were told that the tenderness of the meat is always depending on the Right timing & the Right temperature used by Chef when cooking. So it was perfectly cooked by Chef from Chen Fuji to get such tenderness of the Crab! Awesome!
Furthermore, after eating it I realized Rina was eating the remaining Salted Egg on the Crab Shell. It was really interesting, and we all started to do the same because the Salted Egg is half the main celebrity of the Dish! Yummy yummy!

And of course, it takes more than just the Chef's skill & effort to put all this together as one Delicacy on the table. It takes freshness of the Ingredients to keep up to the standard too!
Last but not least, we were served with *Golden King Prawn with Egg Floss*. Have you ever ate prawn that dies just for you? It's so sinful I know it. But it was super fresh & delicious, because they were still alive before the Chef cooks them. If you like prawn heads, you should love the big juicy prawn head. It is also Crispy throughout the skin parts, so that also means you can eat its skin with its meat.
Here's a Group photo with Desmond, Rina, Joseph, Me myself & Khan (from left to right), holding Dishes by Chen Fuji.
We were also served with Chen Fuji's famous *Jin Xiang Yin Fried Rice*, that I've already reviewed in my previous post about Chen Fuji at Smith Street here.

In additional, I would like to bring out regards my tea on the table that has never been empty and always full... from the start till the end. Great service that I should compliment!

Our Overall Experience & Review for Chen Fuji:





Braised Japanese Shiitake -
S$18.80 (S), S$27.00 (M), S$36.00 (L) 
(The one we ate was Medium)

Salted Egg (Sri Lanka) Crab - S$68.00/1kg (The one we ate was 1.5kg)

Golden King Prawn with Egg Floss - S$14.00/each (min. 2 pcs)

Jin Xiang Yin Fried Rice - S$25.00/-

30 Merchant Road,
Riverside Point, #02-30,
Singapore 058282

Opening Hours
Lunch: 11am to 2.30pm
Dinner: 5 to 10pm


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