Meatballs in Singapore: BALLISTIC @ BEDOK MARKET PLACE

If you love eating anything Ballish then you should visit Ballistic MeatBalls.

Ballistic Cafe is located at Bedok Market Place, the revamped Spaces of Singapore's First Private Hawker in Singapore. Bedok Market Place or rather Bedok Simpang Hawker have an Unique Concept of Food Street Atmosphere at their place. Ballistic is known for its Meatballs Concept, and Homemade Specialty of its Unique Meatballs flavors and recipes.
The Cafe Owner Ryan, is a MeatBall Lover. With both of his Eating & Cooking Passion, he have Dreams of starting his own Restaurant/Cafe of such, Sharing the Good Food with other Food Lovers and working on his own Passionate Career. Ryan experimental and creates his own Recipes over the years in his F&B career and always keen to improvise for better results in emphasizing taste of Ballistic's MeatBalls.

For the people who doesn't really like to chew Meat but perhaps in love with Balls or Seafood, will not be disappointed too. That's because Ballistic creates a range of different Meatballs Flavors. Not just Chicken or Beef meat, in additional they creates Seafood and Vegetarian ones too. 
I felt it was a little refreshing to talk about something Ballish in Food that is not Chinese Oriented. Because the Balls we usually eat in our Daily Life are Fish Balls, Chicken Meat Balls, Sotong Balls & etc. I pretty much love the concept done by Ryan in creating this Western Fusion Meatballs Cafe and he actually put in great effort in creating the Awesome Food Presentation for every of his Customers.

Today I brought Raymond, Pat & Shirley to makan with me.
 We've a choice of eating the Balls like Finger Food and making it into Dishes of a few sort.
 We had a few Dishes such as Slider, Wrap and Pasta. Tried different ways of eating Meatballs today. 
 I felt the Chicken meat tasted better than the Beef meat. However, Raymond loves especially the Beef Meatball and together with the Pasta was just so right for him. Pat's favorite was the Seafood Meatball with the Spaghetti. Shirley is hoping for more varieties of Flavor of the Balls.

Overall the Meatball isn't too hard to bite as it is not cluttered up like a Hard Ball. It is tender and soft, and should have no problem for Kids to bite and enjoy themselves with the Meatballs.
 The Slider's Mantou was Crispy and there were multi-ingredients in between the mixed. I just felt my mouth was a little too small to fit in the whole Mantou so we did more of the cutting job inorder to share and eat properly. Haha. 
Last but not least, we had the Meatball Wrap. 
Ballistic is about Two months old now, they serve quality MeatBall Dishes with Food Court Prices. Have Rustic & Modern Cosy Interior at the Cafe for the Comfort of their Customers.
They haven't got their Halal Cert yet but it's a No Pork, No Lard Cafe. Their Vegetarian Balls are meant to serve for Vegetarians as well as Veges Lovers. 

Our Overall Experience & Review for Ballistic:




Signature Ballistic Meatballs (5pcs) - $5.90/-
Beef / Chicken / Seafood / Vegetarian Meatballs - $4.00/-

Additional Add-on to make your Meatballs a Dish:
Wrap / Sandwich / Salad - $1.90/-
Pasta / Spaghetti - $3.90/-

348 Bedok Road @ #02-02/03,
Singapore 469560

Opens 11.30AM TO 10PM Daily


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Simply show it to their Friendly Cashier upon payment to get the discount.
Promo ends 15th July 2015.

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