High Tea places in Singapore: MADAME PATISSERIE @ The Grandstand, Former Bukit Timah Turf Club

Madame Patisserie was set up two months ago at The Grandstand where the famous PasarBella Italian styled Market is located at. The Grandstand is also the Former Bukit Timah Turf City of Singapore, it has became a Shopping Mall in recent years.
Madame Patisserie is a Cosy Cafe especially set up for individual who loves Pastry and individual who loves different Hightea experiences. This Cafe is set up by two Passionate Siblings, Gordon & Sherie. Sherie is the Main Chef of the Restaurant/Cafe, her past history in F&B line was rather amazing. She have been working for a Re-known 5-star resort luxury hotel for the past 10 years in Singapore as Main Chef of the Pastry Kitchen. And for that reason, she is definitely a Chef with great qualities.
Madame Patisserie serve many Main Dishes other than Pastry & Cakes.

Today I brought Jack along to makan here, we've got the opportunity to try out some Main Dishes and a little sweet treat surprises here. First, we were served with *Red Wine Beef Stew* and I was told that they are matching Pastry into the Main Dishes too because that's partly the concept of the Cafe.

And so, we had the Beef Stew on the Square Pastry you see in this Photo. My first bite of this dish, strangely was the little Carrot. However, the taste of just the Carrot attracted me so much that I kept trying more of the Carrot, Beef & the Potato in it. It was the sauce/gravy that makes it rather fragrance and tasty. The Beef meat was soft and tender too.

Our next Dish is *Signature Lobster Roll*, it has this centered filled-in which is pretty much Salad style. The Lobster meat in this mix was generous and big. I kind of love their fries too, thin and crispy. 
After the Lobster dish, here comes the Unique Pizza. Unique probably not by its looks but unique by its Recipe and Ingredients. Moreover, the name of it is Unique too.

It's called *Peanut Curry Shrimp Pizza*.
It's a mixed of Peanut Butter + Red Curry Paste + Shrimp.

I thought it's a great mixture, because firstly I'm not a "peanut" lover, secondly because the good thing is I didn't manage to taste any peanut butter in this dish, thirdly because it has been mixed so well that after the mixture it has became a total new great taste. 
Jack also commented this Unique Recipe has this Amazing Taste of Combination that brings out a Hybrid Sensation which constantly engages the taste buds. However, it can be a little spicy for Kids.
A good and comfortable eating experience is often having a drink by our side.

So we were also served with the drink of our choice, I've gotten Gingertea, and Jack got his Cappucino. I'm a tea lover, and so I've a set of Tea powder and leafs at home. However, the tea i drank is often thick and very much concentrated. The Gingertea I've drank at Madame Patisserie gives me a whole different "feel" of tea. It is simple and light but not diluted. And, I don't usually add sugar into my tea because i like it nature taste. 
Light taste tea are especially good for eating and drinking with sweet dessert, because it balances your taste bud.

We had Rainbow Cake & Chocolate Surprise for our Dessert of the day.

It's like a Trend nowadays to buy and eat Rainbow Cakes, however we won't know are we just eating Artificial colours or eating real food colours. For these colourful layers from Madame Patisserie, it is made out of Fruit colours. There goes the Fruits:

Pink - Strawberries

Orange - Orange
Yellow - Lemon Mango
Green - Pandan Coconut
Cyan - Oreo with Blue Coloring's
Purple - Blueberry

I love especially the taste of Pandan Coconut in this Cake. It's really hard to find good food with Pandan concentrations and It's really hard to get good Pandan taste in food. Somehow hoping that they would make Pandan Cake and sell it at their Cafe. For me and for other Pandan lovers. Haha.  
Next we were serve with this Chocolate Ball, it has a rather simple name called *Chocolate Surprise*.

Just the presentation of the Food is purely amazing. I took more photos of it because it's really beautiful. Alittle more detailed photos below:

Its bottom mixture are with Raspberries fruit and Jellies bits and some crunchy surprises.

So after we crushed this Chocolate Surprise Ball, it became another set of Surprises fudge:
We heard there's Sparkling candies inside too.... surprise surprise. And the Chocolate Ingredients are all good quality Chocolate from French. The Raspberries are so soft and fresh too, it makes me melt.

Here's our Group Photo with Esther (their marketing assistant), Sherie, myself and Jack.
By the way, I didn't mention this but would love to highlight and bring out this adorable Croissant Sugar Cube were served for Jack's Cappuccino.

They have many cool looking Sugar Cube Designs for Sale too. It's so Awesome!

Our Overall Experience & Review for Madame Patisserie:




Red Wine Beef Stew - $18.90/-
Signature Lobster Roll - $25.90/-
Peanut Curry Shrimp Pizza - $15.90/-

Rainbow Cake - $11.00/slice
Chocolate Surprise - $22.00/- 

200 Turf Club Road,
#01-15A The Grandstand,
Singapore 287994

Opens 10AM TO 10PM Daily


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