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Tiong Bahru is a place that seems to be have a great Transformation from the Historical Old to the New. An Old Place with an Unique Ambient & Antique Outlook that is of value to us as Singaporean. In recent days, Many of the Old Shops & Coffeeshop has been revamped into Pubs, Concept Stores & Cafe. And it's very much attractive to the Youngster and Tourist these days. If you have noticed, it is pretty similar for Farrer Park too, along Rangoon Road. Although it is not as well-known as Tiong Bahru yet and seems like it's the start of creating another new trend for Cafe-hopping there.
Few weeks ago, I visited one of the Cafe along Rangoon Road. I went there for Lunch with three of my friends, and they are Jack, Aaron and TS. Although the name of the Cafe is named Brunches, but on that day i couldn't have my Brunch there as I had late breakfast and and too much of it. So at Brunches, it was "probably" my light lunch there.
I was having a bit of Sore throat and while looking at the Menu for Drinks, Gina (one of the owner of Brunches Cafe) suggested me to order their Signature Tea by the Pot *Cooling & Inner Strength Tea* which consist of Chrysanthemum Bud with Wolf-berries, Red Dates & Dried Longan. To my knowledge, Red Dates & Wolf-berries are especially good for blood circulation. I also heard this mixture inside is pretty much similar to what we call "8 Treasures Tea (八宝茶)" which helps cooling heaty-ness in our body. So from here, we can understand that Brunches Cafe is not only great in their Ambient shown in Photo above, they're also particular and considerate about the Health matters of the Food. 

So Jack, Aaron & TS ordered some other Drinks as well.
Here we've the *Latte Art Hot Mocha* for TS.
And, Signature *Coffee on the Rock*.  It was quite an unique way to drink Coffee, I've never seen such presentation and methods for Coffee before. It served with a look-alike coffee jelly in the transparent glass cup and a vase of milk to pour into it to melt it. After awhile, it melted and mixed by itself and becoming the ready-to-drink "Coffee on the Rock". New experience in drinking Coffee for Jack.
Jack commented it's an Awesome Concept for "Coffee on the Rock". It really Rocks. Haha. 
And here's *Iced Chocolate* for Aaron, usually served without the Latte Art on the top. However you can request for their Barista to create one for you and your friends for any drinks that have foam on it. 
Back to the Ambiance Topic, if you love Old Skool & Vintage Stuff or probably some Knick Knacks then you would probably love to eat and be sitted in this kind of Environment! 
Alittle about how Brunches Cafe started:

At a teenage age of 18yrs old, Gina have this Dream of setting up her own F&B Business. Two years backed, she make her plans and started her Business R&D and put more effort into Culinary classes and tried working in F&B departments of Hotels to gain some Experiences & Skillset upgrades. One of the reason why Brunches Cafe not only focus in their Food but their Cafe Ambient too is because her Business partner is a Vintage Lover. She is Gina's Aunt who owns multiple Vintage Collections and they are now Decorated in Brunches Cafe as well as on Display for Sale. 
The Layout of the Cafe is not too cluttered up or messy, and somehow we felt it's very welcoming. Same goes to the Cafe's service, going extra mile. Aaron also commented their service is "Down to earth, no gimmicks involve". 
It has this Artistic essence filled in the Cafe, good for Artistic oneself to find Inspirations. 
And Now talking about the Food!

First, we were served with *Fruity Dimare*, sounds kind of Fruity. It is a Dish of Seafood Linguine in Creamy Tomato Sauce. TS reviewed the Seafood is fresh and it's not overcook. Jack reviewed "Succulent Fresh Prawns, not too strong in the taste". To me, it's alittle Spicy.
Second, We've *Juicy Beef Burger*. This Dish is also Aaron's favorite of the day and he shared "Juiciest he ever tried". TS says Good for non-beef eater too, "Super Juicy with Charcoal smell, Authentic!". I feel it's Juicy and Soft, Beef meat is not hard so I agreed with TS it is actually good for non-beef eater to try too.
Third Dish, *Baked Egg with Bacon*. TS mentioned "Nicely done up Eggs, Fantastic mixed with Mushroom & Onions". I kind of love the Mushroom too, subtle taste. I'm not kind of used to eating soft Bacons and I don't really like it. I prefer it to be Crispy. 
Last but not least, We were served with *Deluxe Club Sandwich* with Chicken Meat internally. This is TS favorite Dish of the day. TS commented "the BBQ taste is not overdone, mild spicy and Juicy Chicken. Jack added "Awesome Grilled Chicken and Juicy too!"
Aaron reviewed "Well Marinated Chicken, Fries with Paprika was tasty although thin." Overall, Value for money and Good Portioning. TS commented "Fries are not too oily, the red Paprika enhanced the taste of it". 
My favorite of the day is also Deluxe Club Sandwich, i prefer the Bacon on this Dish. The Overall review for this dish for me is "Tender, tasty and not too dry". The Fries may look kind of Spicy when served, however it is not spicy at all. 

Our Overall Experience & Review for Brunches Cafe:




Juicy Beef Burger - $19.50/-
Baked Egg w/ Bacon - $12.50/-
Deluxe Club Sandwich - $16.50/-
Fruity Dimare - $16.50/-

Cooling and Inner Strength Tea - $5.00/pot
Coffee on the Rock - $6.50/-
Latte Art Hot Mocha - $5.50/-
Iced Chocolate - $5.50/-

69 Rangoon Road,
Singapore 218381

Weekdays - 10.30am to 9pm

Weekends - 9.30am to 9pm

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T&Cs : Available only on Weekdays (Not for Weekends and PH or eve)

Promo ends 31st Aug 2015


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