[CLOSED] Authentic Italian Food in Singapore! @ VITA ITALIANA

Along the Traditional Streets of Chinatown, there is an Authentic Italian Restaurant conveniently located at the back of Hotel 81 Shophouse (opposite Chinatown point).
Two of the Co-owners of the Restaurant, Jeremy & Anthony are close friends and have dreams of setting up their own F&B restaurant since many years ago. Anthony has a background in Business consultation industry for the past 12yrs and Jeremy have been in Food Industry for almost 20yrs. The combination of both, matches perfectly to venture into Food Business together.
Jeremy has been working focusing in F&B Italian cuisine for more than 14yrs, Today he's at *Vita Italiana Restaurant* Showcasing his talent. Jeremy also works closely with his Head Chef Gopi who has been focusing in Italian Cuisine as well for the past 12yrs in F&B too.
Today I brought along Winnie & Kenneth to eat this Italy Meal with me. 
We were first served with the Appetizer,
*Pettole - Crispy Savoury Bread Fritters*.
We ate the Bread Fritters with Olive oil and vinegar.

Next, we were served with *Cappuccino ai Porcini* which is Creamy Mushroom and Porcini with truffle foam. It looks very much like a cup of Cappuccino in Food Presentation, especiall the top foam texture makes us think if Cappuccino was one of the ingredient in the Mushroom soup. So by curiosity I did asked the Chef Jeremy, he mentioned the name of the Soup defines the character of a Cappuccino but not really adding it into the recipe of the Soup.

Winnie commented it was Interesting for the Cappuccino look-alike idea.
Kenneth commented it is Creative.
While waiting for the rest of the dish to be served, here's some random photos taken for appreciations of their Interior spaces:
They have this wall near the entrance that looks like a nice, simple and bright decorative Wine Cellar. The tables were very neat when we entered the Restaurant, that also gives us the impression that they are keeping to a certain quality in their visual space.
We were next served with the Italy's Pizza.
We heard that Vita Italiana Restaurant always go extra miles for their customers. They wouldn't mind if you let them know what you prefer for customization for your own Dishes. For example, as you can see the Pizza photo above is a mixed of two halves with different flavored Pizza. Instead of ordering two Pizzas and doubting if 3 person can finish both of flavor we wanted, we had a choice of just ordering one pizza with two flavors. Isn't that Cool? Now you can try more flavors and without having to bloat yourself or waste remaining food.

Good for Friendship and Families Gatherings, order halves halves to share and enjoy different flavors and have some fun!
The two Pizza mixed of ours is *Carbonara* & *Bismarck*.
Here are some more varieties of choices you can order:
I kind of love the Mushroom taste in Bismarck Pizza. Overall, Winnie says the Pizza doesn't give the burnt taste underneath and she also mentioned it usually takes up a good skill to make up to this quality. She also mentioned, the surface of the Pizza were not even in the presentation. For that reason, it is because the Pizza in Vita Italiana Restaurant are all handmade and they are all Skinny Pizzas (not the thick types). She also mentioned that Bismarck Pizza was much tasty & flavorful for her choice.
Winnie and I, girls like us. When we eat Pizza and especially without any eating Etiquette, can be quite "Paiseh" when eating at a Restaurants.

So I asked Chef Jeremy, what would be a good way to eat our Pizza in his Restaurant. He told me tactfully, "Just use your hand". He mentioned "Since it is **Handly Homemade** then why not use hands to eat?" It was made by Hand, and will be good to eat by hand too, without using any utensils is just fine. The Best thing about eating at their restaurant is, just eat happily and enjoy yourself. Others doesn't really matters.
And the reason behind the Soft, Slim and tender Pizza is because everything was made by Hand and with quality check. Well, making the Dough not as airy yet soft takes up to another level of skills.

Next Dish, we've *Alle Vongole* which is cooked with fresh clams, garlic, white wine and tomatoes.
The Dish was not too salty, good balance in there and fresh clams.
Here comes, *Ravioli al Granchio*, if you don't quite know what this is. This is an Italy version of similarity to Chinese Dumpling. This is Freshly Homemade in their Restaurant, It is Ravioli stuffed with crabmeat and thyme tossed in vodka tomato cream.
We were actually quite amazed it was stuffed with fresh Crabmeat than the preserved ones. And Usually Ravioli are filled with meat & spinach, and not anything related to seafood. Pretty unique yay!
Winnie commented the Ravioli comes with good Aroma, leaving the sweet taste on our tongue. She also mentioned it is unlike the usual Ravioli that is usually over Cheesy and not creative. Overall, She likes it!
Kenneth is a quiet guy, he didn't mention much but he says this Dish is definitely recommended. So sounds like it's his favorite of the day.
Next we have the similar concept as their Pizza, it is a customized version from the Menu:
What we had for Pasta of the day was, *Pasta Classica Seafood Fettuccine*.
I especially love the tenderness of the Squid in the Dish, I think one of the hardest food to cook well is a tasty and tenderness "Sotong" (Squid). And amazingly Vita Italiana cooked it very well.  Not only do the "Sotong" taste good, the overall dish is satisfying too!
Overall, we are very happy with Vita Italiana's Services and Food Dishes.

Winnie and I had about the same thought about the Vita Italiana's Restaurant, they brings quality Food and go extra mile to keep their customers not just eating happily but also making sure there's some fun in ordering. Everything served are with fresh ingredients and I heard majority of the Ingredients are imported from Italy.

Winnie finds eating at Vita Italiana feels very homely and comfortable. Kenneth likes the atmospher of the place and the good service attended.

Our Overall Experience & Review for Vita Italiana Restaurant:





PANE - Pettole $8/-
 ZUPPE - Cappuccino Ai Porcini $12/-
PIZZE - Carbonara $23/-
PIZZE - Bismarck $24/-
PRIMI PIATTI - Ravioli Al Granchio $26/-
PASTA CLASSICA - Alle Vongole $19/-
PASTA CLASSICA Seafood Fettuccine $25/-

38 Mosque Street,
Singapore 059516

Sun to Thurs - 12 to 10pm

Fri to Sat & PH Eve - 12 to 10.30pm

Here's our Group Photo of the Day with Jeremy & Anthony!


Thanks for reading as always!

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