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You may have already seen this "Delicious Porkie" Photo from my Instagram already, zoomed big into the glossy details. Although I'm a Food Photographer by Profession but no additional artificial ingredient were added into this Dish. Haha. I ate it so it is for real.
The other day I blogged about eating Italian Food with Winnie & Kenneth at Vita Italiana. This is the Part two of the post! Leave the best for the last!

In this post, I would like to share with you about the 3x Bestest Dish served by Vita Italiana.
The first Bestest Dish is ofcourse the *Maiale Al Frono* - Vita Italiana's Signature Pork Dish , It is served as slow cooked pork in fresh herbs with Mashed Potatoes.

When I saw this Dish, my first impression and curiosity was what is the orange colored ingredient? When I mixed and eat it together with the Pork it gives a very refreshing taste. It's the mixed taste of Oranges + Pork + Mash Potatoes. It is very well-cooked, soft and tender and good balancing of taste especially with the oranges in the Dish. Unique Mix, Awesomeness! In fact this is the nicest Pork Dish I ever ate. It's a *MUST TRY* Dish for Meat Lovers! 
Winnie also commented It's a very well seasoned Dish and Good portion of the Pork slices were served. Food Presentation was really tempting with the Fluff of Mashed Potatoes nicely placed in the Dish, made it a Marvelous combination!

Coming to the end of our Dinner, we were served with 2x Desserts Dish.

First served was *Tortino Di Cioccolato Con Cuore Fondente*, It's a Chocolate Lava Cake with Gorgonzola Centre Fillings. Winnie commented: "Dense and rich chocolate cake with Gorgonzola cheese filled, the overall combination have covered the strong cheese taste." Kenneth also commented: "it blended well with blue cheese".
Last but not least,
*Tiramisu Di Vita*

Chef Jeremy told me, because Tiramisu is not a cake but a Trifle. It is usually placed in a cup form to served. Most Tiramisu are not able to stand in place on any plate. Reason being, most Tiramisu are made with Gelatin, Vita Italiana's Tiramisu reminds me of Architectural Building. They go beyond creating delicious food but tediously plan the structure or foundations of the Dish served. It's more than just making Food as food, but with passion they make Food like an Art Design.

By the way I havent't mention, instead of using Gelatin for the internal layers they used sponge cakes for it. And so we are able to appreciate the Artpiece and take good photos without trying too hard to make it looks Awesome. Because the Food Presentation effort has already been done by the Restaurant. =)
It was served with Generous amount of Liquor, in fact it's 4 types of Liquor that makes the taste so deep in it. And for your info, Vita Italiana doesn't serve the Tiramisu made on the same day because the way they do it is to serve on the second day so that the taste will set down deep into the Tiramisu.

Kenneth commented : "Highly recommended for Liquor/Alcohol lovers". 

Honestly, I've never tasted a Tiramisu that has such a deep taste and large amount of Liquor, so yay Liquor lover you know what to do.

So yup, here's their *Dolci* Menu for more choices of Dessert:

Our Overall Experience & Review for Vita Italiana Restaurant:






SECONDI PATTI - Maiale Al Frono $28/-
 DOLCI - Tiramisu Di Vita $12/-
DOLCI - Tortino Di Cioccolato Con Cuore Fondente $12/-

38 Mosque Street,
Singapore 059516

Sun to Thurs - 12 to 10pm
Fri to Sat & PH Eve - 12 to 10.30pm

Here's our Group Photo of the Day with Jeremy & Anthony! It's on @Foodwanderers Instagram!
With Passion, you can taste the Difference.

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