Cafe Hopping in Singapore: Joo Chiat

Had a little free time on last Saturday's noon.

So took a little short walk & cafe hops at Joo Chiat Singapore with my Photographic Community's friends Junyang & Charmaine.

I'm always looking out for good Pistachio Ice cream around these days, but am good to hop else more than just Ice cream. So first, Charmaine recommended us with a good coffee place at Penny University. I was watching them drinking the coffees, because I'm halfway recovery from a bad cough. So yup, here's their menu and approx price range.

After a few rounds of chat while drinking Coffee and Teas, we went hopping another cafe nearby. Simplicite Cafe sells Ice cream, and everything ice cream!
Cosy peaceful Cafe on a Saturday's noon.
Oh, and I actually brought my #Mermer out with me too while Cafe Hops.
I've ordered 3 scoops of Icecream, "Earl Grey", "Pistachio" and "Passion fruit". 3 scoops which ended up in two cups, this is $10. And ofcourse, you may choose to order it with waffles.
This is Junyang's order with Waffle:
Junyang's Camera:
And Junyang's getting some serious Food shots:
Here's a Photo of myself with #Mermer.
What is #Mermer? A much Google-able name would be MerlionChouchou.
Creation by Local Artist, SuperMama. I think it's an Awesome creation, that is why i share!

Last but not least, bought many Kuehs backed for my Fiancee's family from the famous Joo Chiat Kueh Stall, Kim Choo Kueh Chang.
No Ratings for this blogpost, just a random walkabout.


♥ Thanks for reading as always!
THANK YOU AH! 谢谢! Terima Kasih! ありがとうございました!
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