Kukup Food Guide!

If you have never been to Kukup, here's some information about it. Kukup village is just in 100 km from Singapore city center and 70 km from Johor Bahru, Malaysia. This place is famous for it’s houses (chalet) built on stilts over the water. Usually tourists stay overnight, relaxing, eat all day all night and visiting the nearby island “Kukup National Park” & Kelong. 


FIVE : Coconut Pudding
Refreshing Coconut Pudding with Coconut meat still in the husk, you get to eat both its meat and the Pudding. Refreshing especially when it's a Hot day!

FOUR: Durian Agar Agar
There are many more varieties of Agar Agar sold along the way to the Kukup Chalet. The MUST TRY ones are the "Mo mo cha cha" ones and "Durian" one. Not too sweet yet not too diluted taste. Awesomeness. Purchased from Pinfen Crystal Jelly, 9-11Ringgit per box, 10 to 12pcs of Agar Agar per box.

THREE: Seafood Cravings
On the Menu, It is call "Chilli Crab" for the above dish, but it taste like Tomato Crab instead. However, it is still nice because it is very Fresh!
Same goes to the Prawn. Fresh and nice.

TWO: Datou / Clam

The Restaurants sells the Freshly cooked one and it is super fresh & juicy, some of the Provision look-alike shops sells the dried ones too. It's a nice place to buy some dried Clam & Scallops back home to make some nice dishes.

Last but not least,
ONE: Icecreams!!!
It is not something unique here, but it's way cheaper than Singapore's icecreams! For example, I'm eating the Latest version of Magnum's Icecream (almond) which Singapore have not launch yet. Normal Magnum's Icecream would cost about $3.50 - $4.00 sgd. But at Kukup it's only about $1.50/- sgd per stick.

What you can do @ Kukup:

-Play Mahjong & Card Games

-Leg / Full Body Massage-Shopping & Exploring
-Flying Sky Lantern-Set Fireworks
-Sing KTV
& etc.

Kukup Address

Kukup Village, Pontian, Johor, MalaysiaAll Photos taken by my Mobile Phone, Thank you Iphone 6!


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