Seafood Wholesale at Jurong Fishery Port!

Instead of Sleeping, I went visiting Jurong Fishery Port for past two Saturday's Early Morning Mid-Night. Went exploring and taking some shots.

I believe many Singaporean like me, have never been to Fishery Port and for that reason I would love to try my luck visiting them.

 Something to note if you're going to visit:

- Bring your NRIC to exchange pass (don't need to get license from AVA, public can access)

- If you're driving, stop and temporarily park outside the gate to get down to exchange pass to drive in.

- Wear tough and anti-slippery shoes.

- Hazard during the rush hour at the market. Nobody gonna watch over you. Fishmongers & workers in the Market are very quick and harsh especially during 1am to 3am, they will just probably dash through. Don't obstruct the way, so accidents won't happen.

- If you gonna buy fishes or seafood, please bring your own container or extra plastic bags to ensure it doesn't leak fishy smelled water in your car.

- If you gonna buy fishes or seafood, go before 3am. 1am is the most active timing of the Market where all Fishes and Seafood stock are just laid out, many varieties to choose from.

- If you're not good with Fish smell, bring Sour plum to chase away Nausea.
Jurong Fishery Port is Singapore's Biggest Fishery Port, and the other will be Senoko Fishery Port which is located around Sembawang area.
They're many varieties of Fishes & Seafood, however not many shell food. Only saw afew stalls selling Clams and Gong Gong.
Most of the stalls, sells in lump sum of Fishes. Most of the stalls would sell minimum 2kg and above.
And for the price of having it being 2kg, it is slightly cheaper than the Market.
For example, Medium size tiger prawn per kg in our general Neighbourhood Market cost about $25/kg. At Jurong Fishery Port, the price range is about $18-$23/kg. However, don't bother bargaining. Most of the stall owners are very rule, this may be the culture of the Market. Their style is probably "take it or leave it". 
 2kg of Gong Gong cost $8/-, consider quite cheap.
Some stalls doesn't sell less than 5 or 10kg.
5kg of Clams cost $30/-, pretty good price but can be a little too much because it's just cooking for me & my family. I had it shared with my friends. Stall Uncle weren't very friendly as we asked him to seperate plastic bags for us and he weren't happy about it. Haha.
Well, they are just there to make business i guess. No service charge, so no service included. Haha.
Taking Photos may be sensitive for certain stalls vendors, try not to go onto their platform when you don't buy from them. Stay at the passageway to zoom and take your photos.
I think one of the Advantages buying Fishes and Seafood directly from Fishery Port is not only you are getting a cheaper price but you kind of get a bigger piece of Fish & others. The Fishes seems huge in the Market. Other than that, you get to see half-dead Prawns swimming in ice water... They are really fresh because they are dying infront of you. #SuchASinner
So if you're interested to visit too, here's your GPS address!

Jurong Fishery Port Address:
Fishery Port Rd, 619742

Senoko Fishery Port Address:
31 Attap Valley Rd, 759908

Both are closed on Monday.


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