Love.Laugh.Kiss - Journey to my Wedding : Wedding Banquet Food Tasting Session

Love . Laugh . Kiss - Journey to my Wedding

{Wedding Reception Food Tasting}
Keeping up with the massive upcoming busy schedule, chasing time for a whole lot of things to complete for my upcoming Wedding this year end is a challenge. This blog post today, I'm sharing about my Wedding Banquet Food Tasting at Orchid Country Club.
It's my first marriage, so it's definitely my first experience to go through these process of preparation and arrangments.

So here is both me and my Fiancee Raymond at OCC!
Our Food Menu is Chinese-styled and we choose the one that comes with Peach Garden package because both my Fiancee and I loves Peach Garden's Food and have a few memories in some Peach Garden's outlet. 

The dishes set consist some of my favorite dishes such as Shark fin Soup. I'm so hoping that I can have time to sit down to eat on my Wedding Actual Day.
Here's the First dish served for our Food tasting:
The second dish is, of course, my favorite Shark Fin Soup with bits and pieces of sea cucumbers and abalone slices. The portion of the real Shark Fin is generously likable to my Family and in-laws.
Next, we had Scallop stir-fried with Celery.
The Fish is really tasty and crispy.

The Pork dish doesn't seem to be very well in presented but tasty and likable to both my family and in-laws.
Nah! I don't quite like this Vegetable Dish, and gonna swop it with something else.
Who doesn't love Mango Pomelo Sago? My Fiancee says he will skip the Pomelo. Haha.
I'm actually swopping a few dishes to others so this is definitely not the Final Food Menu. We tasted it, and fill it into our feedback form given by Peach Garden and they will improve for us and our families taste bud. I really love the thoughtful feedback form, and the service.

Thank you Peach Garden & OCC!

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