CLOSED: Dazzling Unicorn Cake & Icecream @ Gecory Cafe!


Today I got to take many nice photos of the Dazzling Unicorn Cake decorated with pure white icing skin and beautifully in pastel colours surrounded the beautiful golden horn and ears, very meticulous to details. I'm here with Dawn, Isabelle and Thank you EDC crew for organising this!
Gecory Cafe is set away from the busy heartland or the city. It is located at a 3 minutes distance walk from Clementi MRT and is at a quiet heartland's HDB block. In fact, I am always here eating my Gelato in peace when I need time alone or just chill out with friends who loves peaceful places.

I was really happy that I had also tried their Unicorn cake, it is not just adorable but it's tasty. The icing skin are sweet but not too super sweet, just nice for my taste bud. 
Surprisingly, the cake was not super soft nor super hard. It was slightly crisp on the outer layer of the internal of the cake, just right inbetween the sponge cake and the skin. Overall it's good!

Other than the Dazzling Unicorn Cake, don't forget to try the Rainbow Unicorn Icecream too! It's Yoghurt Gelato with Rainbow flakes! We couldn't help it but took alot of photos with it, and there goes the drips.
 And here goes, Isabelle's favourite Pink Flamingo Icecream!
It's Mixed Berries flavour!

Moreover, Gecory also have very beautiful tarts in their cafe, the below photo are Lemon Meringue Wreath and Hearty Tart.  
If you're still super in love with the Dazzling Unicorn but want a smaller edition, yes Gecory have it too.. and it's their Twinkle Lovers (Unicorn Cupcakes).

Each cake made by Gecory is designed beautifully by their in-house chef so don't forget to take your insta-worthy shots with it!

Overall Experience & Review of Gecory Cafe:




Dazzling Unicorn - $58.00/-
Twinkle Lovers $5.00/-
Lemon Meringue Wreath $5.90/-
Hearty Tart $5.90/-
Pink Flamingo Icecream $7.00/-
Rainbow Unicorn Icecream $9.00/-

Gecory Gelato Cafe
328 Clementi Avenue 2,
#01-198, Singapore 120328

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday: 12-10pm
Saturday & Sunday: 10.30am-10.30pm

**PROMOTION** from Gecory Cafe
FREE Delivery for purchase above $50 for Unicorn/Galaxy/Icecream/Party Cupcakes!
Not valid with other on-going promotion. 
Valid ‪till 31st December 2017‬

♥ Thanks for reading as always!

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