Review: Pretz Spicy BBQ & Shrimp Bread Sticks

Today's Snack review: 

Pretz Spicy BBQ & Shrimp Bread Sticks

Product Description:
Surprise! new pretz slim rods, The tasty, SPICY BBQ & SPICY SHRIMP FLAVORED crunchy biscuits - delicacies without stumbles.

Very thin and crispy bread stick with only 3 mm. diameter and its intense barbecue / shrimp seasoning. Super spicy and salty. Unstoppable with full course 55 sticks in one pack. A joyful Thai Snack Online convenience and suitable for all occasions anywhere anytime.

What's my Say!?
Glico Pretz breadstick is one of my past time snacks, loving most of their salty flavours... such as Pretz Fried version, Pretz Pizza, Pretz Tom Yum and other unique seasonal flavours. I will always definitely pick it up if I see it in Supermarket or any shops that have it. The sweet ones I would go for is not Pretz, but Pocky and it's also under the same brand by Glico. Chocolate Banana and Vanilla Flavours for the sweet ones are not bad too. So, back to the topic, Glico Pretz Spicy BBQ and Spicy Shrimp are tasty with its stick being slimmer. It provides us with a different biting experience, the skinny the stick is it feels crispier. The taste of it is awesome, salty + fragrant. Not the usual prawn cracker taste for the Shrimp version. It is too good to describe, you've to try it if you're prawn/shrimp/seafood lover. For the Spicy BBQ flavour, it is mild spicy.. probably not ideal for Pepper-haters... It's not chilli-spicy but it's pepper-spicy. I do love pepper, so it's all good for me.
Overall, it's pretty addictive.

SPICY SHRIMP FLAVORED: Wheat flour, palm oil, spicy shrimp seasoning, sugar, shortening, iodized salt, shrimp powder and msg

SPICY BBQ FLAVORED: Wheat flour, palm oil, BAR-B-Q flavour, sugar, shortening, tomato sauce, iodized salt and msg

Good for Vegetarian / Halal?
Halal Certified
Nope for Vegan & Vegetarian  


Shelf Life:
12 months

Where to buy?
Various 7-Eleven outlets in Thailand

Provision Shop at:
Block 274 Bukit Batok East Ave 4, Level 1, Singapore 650274

SGD$1.50-$5.00/per pkt of 55 bread stick

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