Southpaw Sushi & Bar - A High End Omakese Experience

Omakase is an unique eating experience, this also means you are simply asking the itamae (sushi chef) "serve me what you think is the best right now" as well as in a way the chef takes over this hefty responsibility of making decision and tailor a special menu featuring the freshest food in the house. For a person who have never been to Japan before, just like me. A High-end Omakase experience at Southpaw Sushi & Bar gave me a pause of thought and an escape from the usual eating experience.
Unlike the usual High end restaurant which are always located in the mall, Southpaw Sushi & Bar finds themselves a good spot where you find both the old school ambient on the outside and a whole new Japanese ambient bar in the inside. Southpaw is uniquely located near the central area of Singapore as well as tucked away from what we call "reality", it's a totally different mood here.

If you've never tried Omakase before, then you should try it for the first time at Southpaw Sushi & Bar. The Food here is Super duper Fresh and the taste is Heavenly. I'm impressed!

I was here with Olivia, Janet, Gisele & Jess. Our appetizer starts with the Scottish Oyster and Salmon soft bones cartilage. This is my very first time trying Salmon soft bone, it doesn't taste fishy at all. If I weren't told it was a part of Fish, I would never know I ate fish. It is soft and jelly-alike, the sauce mixed well with the soft bones. The Oyster is Fresh, we also tried the remaining of the Oyster sauce blending together with Whiskey in the Shell. Drinking Whiskey from the Oyster Shell is also my first experience. I would think that Whiskey lovers would love this unique experience too!
The second dish is a set of Salmon laid beautifully and presented with Caviar together sprinkled with truffle, fish roe, and Bonito flakes. I'm not a fish lover nor fanatic, but when I tasted the Salmon it is totally unlike the Salmon I ever tasted before. It was so super fresh and soft, I am happy with so many "Fish" Sashimi served tonight even though I am not a fish lover.

What was even more exciting were, we are not just eating but also exciting watching Chef Kenny making more surprises for our "next dish" with whole lot of fresh food & ingredients.
We've also got to know, some of the ingredients are planted in-house as well as the Sauce and Wasabi are made freshly in-house too.
Next, we've our Sashimi Mori Wase nicely presented on our plates, this set serves Shima Aji Fish, Tai Fish, Tuna Belly, Hard Shell (Jap Ham), Simmer Octopus, and Shrimp along with Mint leaf & its flower, Chrysanthemum, Mustard small leaf flower which is edible too in the Dish.
The next few Sashimi Sushi were served individually, so as to having the depth of concentration when tasting each and individual Sashimi served.
First served, Flonder Fish.
Second, Tuna with Japanese grated mountain yam.
Third, Ika Lemon with Rock Salt.
Fourth, I heard some people joke about it as "Vagina Sashimi".

Last but not least, my very favorite of the day is...
Foie Gras Sushi is richly satisfying to our taste bud, especially for Olivia and myself who had Foie Gras first time in our life. I am absolutely impressed by the Delish taste. The taste is addictive & mesmerizing!
We also had Clam Soup at the end of our Sashimi Dishes. 
Chef's choice Dessert is also included in our Omakase set. The Omakase menu features three set, we had Omakase Take set today.

Overall Experience & Review for Southpaw Sushi & Bar:




Omakase Ume - $68++
Omakase Take - $98
Omakase Matsu - $138

11 Cavan Rd,
#01--04, Singapore 209848

No walk-in, reservation only @ 91011941

Opening Hours
Daily 6.30pm to 12am
Closed on Sunday

There is a few Omakase styled restaurant in Singapore. However, to expect an omakase experience to a whole new level, it is good to look out for the better freshness ones and an itamae with deep knowledge and experience will devote the creation of the best meal to you.


**PROMOTION** from Southpaw Sushi & Bar
FREE Wagyu Carpaicio for Birthday Boy / Girl (worth $38)with any Omakase set ordered (Not valid with other discounts or promotion)

Simply mention this promo when booking an appointment.
Promo ends 30th Nov 2017.

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