CLOSED: Honey Themed Cafe in Singapore: Kosnica SG

You may have heard!
Alongside Tanjong Pagar Road @ 61 Duxton Road opens a Insta-worthy Honey Bee Cafe, Kosnica SG. Kosnica is a Honey concept cafe which sells Gelato and amazingly flavoured waffles!

While eating Gelato, you may also look around and snap #Whatsonthetable photos with the #Propsbee surrounds the Cafe! Not only i get Bee-ful selfie wefie here but i got some Good & Simple waffle shots too!
 This Cosy cafe is in the heart of CBD at Tanjong Pagar, conveniently located at a Shophouse surround with Skyscrapers and HDBs. It's a good chill out location for all, be it weekday or weekends.

Today I've Zhi Qiang and Jess with me.

As i've mentioned above, Kosnica have amazing flavours of Waffles such as Buttermilk (as their original), Red Velvet and Matcha Waffles. My favourite out of all their Waffles is Red Velvet.

Seasonally, they have other flavoured waffles such as Milo, Cheese and Bananas waffles.

We ate two plates of waffles today, our first was:
Milo Waffle with Hazelnut Chocolate Rocher & Golden Vanilla Gelato
Our second which comes with the Hightea Promotion, 
is Buttermilk Waffle with Lavender Honey Gelato
 I heard many good reviews of the Lavender Honey Gelato, before i tried it personally. 
However, it is not my favourite flavour.

Ofcourse, Kosnica Cafe serve many more Gelato flavours such as:

- Golden Vanilla
- Cookies & Cream
- Earl Grey & Figs
- Strawberry Cheesecakes
- Duo Chocolate
- Mango Sorbet
- Mao Shan Wang Durian
- Mocha with Biscotti Chips
- Seasalt Caramel with Almonds
- Hazelnut Chocolate Rocher

There are some other seasonal flavours too such as the Lavender Honey & Thai Milk Tea.
As heard from Zhi Qiang, the Thai Milk Tea Gelato was much tastier than the one he had in BKK! Haha.

Jess also mentioned she is so much in love in Duo Chocolate flavour.

We've some drinks along with our Gelato too!
I think one of the most Unique drink that i have ever seen or drink is this Mocktail "Apple of My Chai". Interesting name that relates to this Mocktail with a burning Cinnamon in it. As described, it is Straits Chai, Cinnamon infused Apple, Vanilla, Orange. 

Zhi Qiang is a cinnamon lover, and he loves this alot.
I am pretty mutual in cinnamon, but i think this is a MUST TRY drink if you don't hate cinnamon. 

Next, we've "White Lie".
White Lie is a blend of Yakult, Lychee, Lemon and Mint.

Oh, by the way. The Hightea set promotion comes with Organic herbal infusion tea and also the Waffle with single scoop Gelato. We had Lavender tea today. 
 As a Tea Lover and a regular Tea drinker, i think their tea is up to certain quality. Very nice fragrance and it's a MUST TRY in the Cafe too!

Here's some of Kosnica's Tea flavour & Health benefits:

Elderflower Tea (from Eygpt)
Detoxification, Strengthen Immune System, Aid in Constipation, Purify Blood, Reduce effect Of Sinusitis.

Lavender Flower Tea (from France)
Help ease Insomnia & Migrane, Relax, Reduce Stress & Uplift Spirit

Calendula Flower Tea (from Eygpt)
Anti Bacterial, Stimulate Production of Collagen, Detoxification, Regulate Menstruation Cycle, Relieve Sore Throat

Raspberry Leaf Tea (from USA)
Help in diarrhoea, Reduce Menstrual Bleeding, Beneficial for Morning Sickness, Promote Healthy Nails, Bones, Teeth and Skin

Spearmint Leaf Tea (from USA)
Relieve Sore Throat, Help to reduce Cramp and Bloatness, Hormonal Balance, Stimulate production of Red Blood Cell, Increase Circulation, Boost Energy Levels, Relieve Stress and Anxiety, Prevent Chronic Diseases

Rose Bud Tea (from Bulgaria)
Beneficial for Heart & Brain, Improve Blood Circulation & Complexion, Ease Stomach Bloatedness, Enhance Metabolism, Relieve Menstrual Pain

Hibiscus Flower Tea (from Eygpt)
Lower Blood Pressure & Cholestrol, Weigh Loss, Prevent Constipation, Rich in Vitamin C, Strengthen Immune System

Last but not least, here's our Group photo of the day!
In the Photo: From Left: Zack (one of the Cafe owner), Zhi Qiang, Myself (Irene) and Jess!
We've got our Bee-ful shot! Go get yours too!

Our Overall Experience & Review for Kosnica SG:





Single Scoop Gelato w/ Waffles - $13.00/-
Double Scoop Gelato w/ Waffles - $16.90/-
Triple Scoop Gelato w/ Waffles - $22.60/-

Single Scoop Gelato - $6.20/-
Double Scoop Gelato - $9.00/-
Additional Cone - $1.00/-

Apple of my Chai - $8.60/-
White Lie - $7.60/-
Lavender Tea - $4.90/per pot

Current Hightea Set at Promo Rate:
Single Scoop Gelato with Waffles + Lavender Tea - $9.90/-

61 Duxton Road,
Singapore 089525

Event Space Rental available too!

Tel: +65 6904 4087

Opening Hours
Sunday to Thursday 12pm to 10pm
Friday to Saturday 12pm to 11pm

**PROMOTION** from Kosnica Cafe
Show this Blog post to get COMPLIMENTARY Honey Drink
(one cup per pax)
(with any purchase from Kosnica)

Simply show it to their Friendly Cashier upon ordering to get your Complimentary drink!

♥ Thanks for reading as always!

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