Geylang Serai is Not Worth Your Trip - Here's Why!

It’s that time of the year again when Singaporeans from all walks of life flock to Geylang Serai to squeeze with other Singaporeans at the Ramadhan Bazaar.
Ramadhan Bazaar is taking place for over five weekends from 25th May to 24th June 2017, this annual bazaar features more than 1,000 stalls. Blogs & News out there may be telling you how good looking are those food at Geylang Serai... But don't be deceive by those appearance. Some of the most photogenic food surprisingly tasted the worst and awfully. 

As reported by The Straits Times on the first week of the bazaar, there were 22 unregistered food handlers caught. Also, The Muslim are also concerned because 50% of the stall are without halal certification. The bazaar is so much different from the past where often the stalls vendor are halal certified and done by the Malay communities. In these recent years, it has became a hipster bazaar for the youth in Singapore. 

Some says this year Ramadhan Bazaar is like the Artbox number 2, with lots of aesthetically creative looking food. And it's all good for the Instagrammers! But you'll hardly find spaces to do your #OOTDsg with your food or even #Whatsonthetable shot because there are just too much crowds and human jams. 

Some of the food you can expect from Geylang Serai Bazaar:

Although it's a Bazaar aka Pasar Malam style, you won't get a chance to purchase any drinks under $5. So be prepared to bring more money if you want to try more Food & Drinks. 

Average Snack Prices are at least $4
Average Meal Prices are $8-10
Average Drinks Prices are $6-8 

My personal opinion is there are only a few things which are worth to eat, and strangely the ones with the shortest queue and not the best for instagram images are my best choices. Not because there's no queue, but in general at least i know what i'm really eating (than some coloured slurps).
Seafood at Geylang Serai are pretty worth the pick!
Turkish Kebabs too! Kebabs originating from Turkey, you can easily spot Kebab stalls at the Bazaar. Kebab. Flavourful flatbread wrap filled with succulent meat that is cooked on a vertical rotisserie, vegetables including lettuce and onion, cheese and various sauces to your liking.
I heard some of my friends pointed out Katoshka's Food is quite worth-it so far. (in all those instagrammable food)

Tips before going there, 

Drink a lot of water because you'll:
Confirm Sweat...... A lot!

Eat some light snack, don't go hungry:
Because you'll need to squeeze in a challenging crowd before reaching a Food Stall you'll like to purchase food from. And, don't forget about the overwhelming queue.

Go to Toilet before you start your shopping:
Squeezing out is another challenge (Even weekday is packed)

Get ready to get #Sugarrush, most of the Food are either fried or sugarish. 
It's pretty Sinful.

You decide if it's worthy to go, I would think the price, queue and taste are simply not worth to make the trip down... especially if you're into the instagrammable worthy food. It's buying for photos, not for the stomach.

How to get to Geylang Serai Market:
5min Walking Distance from MRT: 
Paya Lebar Station
Bus: 2, 7, 13, 21, 24, 26, 28, 30, 51, 67, 76, 154 and 155


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