Dapur Melaka - Authentic Peranakan Nonya Cuisine

If you love Peranakan Food, it's still possible to find the Authentic ones in Singapore! 
As many, would name Singapore as a Food Paradise! 

Today I visited "Dapur Melaka" with ZhiQiang and Mcking.

As many would know, Singapore is made up of several ethnic groups, mainly Chinese, Malay, Indians and Eurasians. Ethnic of many groups makes Singapore's Culture and Food into a much exciting combinations. The integration of ethnic group has created fusion foods uniquely to Singapore, such as Peranakan cuisine which originated from Chinese-Malay marriages in previous generations.

Dapur Melaka is one of the restaurant in Singapore, which features and stand strong in serving Authentic Peranakan Food in their Restaurant. 
Some of the Dishes we had tried today at Dapur Melaka:

1. Buah Keluak Chicken is a Signature Dish of Dapur Melaka. Pieces of braised juicy chicken marinated with turmeric stewed in traditional black 'buah keluak' nut sauce. This is my first time seeing this Buah Keluak Nut in Dishes I ate. It's unique triangle shaped, with unique taste and fragrance. Mcking also commented the Buah Keluak was tender and the flesh of the nut was edible and delicious. 

2. Pandan Fried Chicken Dish are Crispy Fried Chicken pieces infused with pandan essence. It doesn't have much pandan taste, but the Chicken was Crispy. 
3. Lemak Nanas Fish is Dished in pineapple sauce gravy, we've heard all sort of flavoured fish but never had any pineapple ones. So yep, we're here to try it out! Mcking commented "the fish was fresh, soft and cooked to perfection. It was still moist and not overcooked which most fish curries usually ended up with dry hard overcooked fish. It's really good to hear it out from a Fish lover, haha. Lemak Nanas Fish is also one of Zhi Qiang's favourite dish of the day! He mentioned "it was sweet fragrant curry with juicy & nicely done fish. Especially good for curry lovers who can't take spicy!" Although most of the Dishes looks kind of Spicy, it's actually pretty mild. And the Sauce are very lovable.

4. Rendang Beef / Pork is very much common in Peranakan's Food culture. It is Marinated Beef / Pork stewed in rich gravy of coconut milk spice with chili paste, galangal, lime leaves and nyonya paste. Although Mcking preferred Rendang Pork more than the Beef but he mentioned that he loves them both. He also commented "it is soft, tender and juicy, it's very appetising and keeps you wanting it more!". The Rendang sauce is not very plain, infact it's pretty strong in taste. It's good for people who dislike plain taste.
5. Chili Garam Udang, also my favourite Dish of the day! The taste is unforgettable, for me and both Zhi Qiang and Mcking! It is Deep-fried prawns topped with traditional homemade chili paste with petai (stink beans). Although i don't really like stink beans, but it was not an obvious ingredient in the dish. The chili paste is almost everything i can describe for the Dish. It's awesomely Tasty! Mcking also commented "Prawn was Sedap!" (Sedap means delicious/tasty and it's commonly used in Malaysian, Filipino, and Indonesian) Zhi Qiang commented "Chilli Garam Udang is a dish of succulent soft tender prawn and fragrant chili with Shrimp taste.
6. Sambal Sotong is Fried Squid in homemade chili paste. Fried Sotong are usually oily, but this Dish is definitely not the oily type. Mcking commented "Sambal Sotong was nice and soft." Zhi Qiang agrees that it is soft and tasty with the Sambal.
7. Fishball Hee Pio Soup is a simple Traditional Fishball Soup. However, i hardly see any Fishball which comes with Fish Maw. It taste pretty well-blend. 
8. Sambal Bendih, my Dish of the day after Chili Garam Udang. Simple cooking with great sauce that blends the Dish nicely. Feels like Home. Sambal Bendih Dish is made out of Young ladies finger in Dapur's special sauce. All their sauce are made in-house and it's not for sale. So it's only eating in at Dapur Melaka gets you to these awesome Food blends.
9. Nonya Chap Chai is a common favourite food for Singaporean. It is also a Traditional Nyonya delicacy is prepared with an assortment of different vegetables and herbs like cabbage, mushrooms, glass noodles (tang hoon), black fungus, dried bean curds & bean paste. Nonya Chap Chai is also a popular flavourful and rich dish. 

Our Overall Experience & Review for Dapur Melaka:




Not forgetting to share with you, Chef Ian from Dapur Melaka is 6th Generation Baba. Chef Allan is from Malacca-brought in to ensure the authenticity of the Cuisine. Sounds Great isn't it!?
Buah Keluak Chicken - $14.50/-
Pandan Fried Chicken - $10.00/-

Lemak Nanas Fish - $11.80/-

Rendang Beef - $13.60/-

Babi Rendang - $13.60/-

Chili Garam Udang - $12.70/-

Sambal Sotong - $12.70/-

Fishball Hee Pio Soup - $10.00/-

Sambal Bendih - $8.00/-
Nonya Chap Chai - $10.00/-

Dapur Melaka,
56 Sembawang Road,

#01-01, Hong Heng Mansions,

Singapore 779086

Event Space Rental / Reservation / Catering available too!

Opening Hours
Daily 10.30am to 9.30pm

Closed on Monday

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(Alcohol / Beer not included)

Simply show it to their Friendly Cashier upon payment to get the discount.
Promo ends 30th June 2017.

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