[CLOSED] Zi Char - 大鵬棧 Garuda Seafood @ Bishan Heartland

[CLOSED]  Newly Opened 大鵬棧 Garuda Seafood is located at 150 Bishan Street 11 and is surrounded with 7 MRT station from North South (Red Line), North East (Purple Line) to Circle Line. This Heartland Stall is conveniently located around different popular areas in Singapore, such as Toa Payoh Interchange, Serangoon Nex Shopping Mall and Bishan Circle Line MRT Interchange.
(As shown in the Map, the 7 MRT Station are Toa Payoh, Braddell, Bishan, Lorong Chuan, Serangoon, Woodleigh, Potong Pasir.)

Today I came with my friend (McKing) for feasting some Good and Fresh Seafood in this Heartland's Seafood House. Just like any Zi Char Stall in Singapore, it is located in a Coffeeshop.

My First Dish was (海鮮卷) Homemade Seafood Roll, It was very refreshing because the Roll itself was so super Crispy and the Seafood in it were super fresh. Yummy yummy, Tasty!

Second Dish was Chili Crab, almost every Singaporean's Favorite Dish.
What I really love about Garuda's Chili Crab is their sauce are so yummy yet it's Mild Spicy.

McKing also commented: "The Chili Crab had a delicious sweet and spicy gravy that goes well with the tender crab meat and white rice while the Homemade Seafood Roll was crispy and savoury. They complement each other well! "
Furthermore, my favourite part of the Crab will proves that they are serving us with Good and Fresh quality Crabs:

Well, you hardly get meatty and huge Crab Pincer if it's isn't Fresh, Well-cooked or huge by natural.
(Above Photo is taken by Jerroizz, while I'm enjoying the Crab)

Next Dish we had was Blackcurrant Pork Ribs, we were surprised with the Unique and Interesting Name and Flavor which is what not commonly seen in a Local Coffeeshop.
The Meat was Juicy and tender, McKing commented it's Crispy and Sweet!
The Good thing about eating at Coffee Shop is while we are ordering from one stall, we can order from another stall.

So we've got Vegetarian Mee Goreng from the Stall Opposite, 紫雲閣 Zi Yun Ge Vegetarian Stall.
McKing and I, feels that the Vegetarian Mee Goreng taste exactly like normal Mee Goreng.
Our Favourite Dish of the Day is both the same, (海鮮卷) Homemade Seafood Roll and Garuda's Chili Crab. It's just too hard to choose between this two.

Our Overall Experience & Review for 大鵬棧 Garuda Seafood:




Homemade Seafood Roll - $10 per 8 Rolls
Blackcurrant Pork Ribs - $10 per 8pcs, $15 per 12pcs
Chili Crab - Seasonal Price

The Crabbies comes with 6 different flavour, salted egg and chili crab is two of them. Others are shown in the Food Menu below:

150 Bishan St 11 #01-149
Singapore 570150

Opens 4.30AM TO 10PM Daily

**PROMOTION** from 大鵬棧 Garuda Seafood
Follow Garuda Seafood on Facebook to get the Crabbie Deal below:

1 Crab = $30

2 Crab = $50

(Choose any 6-8 Cooking Style specially customized by 大鵬棧 Garuda Seafood)

Simply show it to their Friendly Cashier upon payment to get the discount.
Promo ends 15th June 2017.

♥ Thanks for reading as always!

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