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It’s 11pm and me and my mom were mad-hungry. My dinner didn’t quite satisfy me yesterday, and tempting to have to snack before going to bed. After all, there’s no way anyone would be able to fall asleep on an empty stomach! 
An ideal Light Snack for me were some Quick & Easy Chips (well, eat atleast 30 minutes before my sleep) This gives my body time to digest the Light snacks.

Ofcourse, Chips and Snacks are not only for before our Sleeps. They are for Parties, Movies, Dating, Outings, Picnic or even Games time!

Chips by Little Keefy, its Base chip is made with Melinjo.

What exactly is Melinjo?
Melinjo is made from a Malay snack called emping. This emping snack can be found in many Malay cuisines. It is actually a keropok found in Gado-gado and Indonesian Nasi Goreng.
The seeds of Melinjo has high amount of antioxidants which helps to treat cancer, heart disease and aging. It provides various health benefits. Reference from: https://www.healthbenefitstimes.com/melinjo/

I Shared Little Keefy Chips with my Brother and Mom last night. 
Each of us have our very own favourites flavours.
Mine is the Nori Seaweed flavour, because it's tasty and not too plain nor salty.

My mom's favourite is Cheddar Cheese, she loves that Cheesy taste. Haha.

The 4 varieties of Little Keefy Snacks are:

- Melinjo Chips 
(found in Popular Bookstore, Sheng Siong and FairPrice - except Cheddar Cheese flavour)
- Candy Floss 
(found in Popular Bookstore and Sheng Siong)
- Popping candy 
(found in Cheers, Popular Bookstore and Sheng Siong)
- Pillow Puff biscuits 
(found in Popular Bookstore and Sheng Siong)
I've only got Little Keefy Melinjo Chips all 3 different Flavours - Cheddar Cheese, Sea Salt and Nori Seaweed. I heard Sea Salt Delight is actually is the best seller among the three.

I've also got Little Keefy Popping candy, I love the Cola flavour especially and Strawberry Flavour is not bad too. I love the Popping sensation! Aww.... 

Last but not least, these snacks are easy to packed and bring out for outings.
Good for bringing along during travelling too!

 The Little Keefy is also a Cute Dinosaur with a game app called 'Keefy v Dinosaur'.

Keefy v Dinosaur, is a game created to portray the courage and love, any young ones need to battle all adversities in life. In this game, Little Keefy , takes on a dangerous journey to battle the Angry Dinosaurs with only one goal in mind, to rescue his Princess. Now Little Keefy cannot battle alone, he really needs you to help him fight together as one united brave-heart, battling against all odds to save his only love.

It now has 4 snacks in stores, with only 3 snacks tied to the game app with slips of paper containing game codes in the packaging. An introduction of the Game App, From A Youtuber online:

Melinjo Chips do not contain the gaming codes.

Last but not least, these awesome Snacks and Games are created by Singaporeans! 

- Melinjo Chips - $1.50/-
- Popping Candy - $1.75/-

- Popular Bookstore
- Sheng Siong
- FairPrice


Thank you for reading..!

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