Tapas & Sake Bar (Japanese-European Fusion) @ Singapore's CBD

BORUTO, not the one you sees in Naruto Animations. Haha!

It's the one you can have Tapas, Sake, and some Awesome Main Dishes!!!

"Boruto, Styled as a modern izakaya, the double-storey establishment is opened by Chef Patrick Tan, who also owns Tamashii Robataya, the premium Japanese robatayaki restaurant located at North Canal Road.  
The Food Expect Japanese-European food served in tapas portion, with Head Chef Angus Chow leading the team at Boruto. With past experiences working on both Japanese and European cuisine, the concept here is to bring to diners a modern take on Japanese Izakaya selections. " - mentioned by Media.
Today, together with Raymond and Jess. We feed ourselves with Japanese Fusion Dinner and with a few cups of Sake coming along!

Our First very Dish of the Night; Ahi Tataki.

It's a Japanese-European Fusion Yellow Fin Tuna Tataki (Cold Dish). Its mixed well with Olive Oil together with European Chili Salsa and Wasabi Yuzu Dressing. The Chili Salsa are spreads across the Dish which blended into the meat quite well.
We were advice to drink something clear and much refreshing Sake, Izumofuji Yamadanishiki Junmai (Shimane) usually goes well with Seafood dishes.

Some of the other Sake we had and the great advice we've gotten:
1. Izumofuji yamadanishiki junmai
(Shimane) clear, light, refreshing and go well with seafood
2. Hojun tokubetsu junmai
(Oita) well balance, medium to sweet and go well with grilled items
3. Tatenokawa nakatori miyamanishiki junmai daiginjyo
(Yamagata) sharp citrus aroma, best characteristic of the rice, paired
with spicy and savoury food
4. Kahiro junmai ginjyo rokushu
(Akita) dry, full bodied, go well with heavy taste food

Second Dish is Oyster Grilled a la Bincho,
which also means Oyster Grilled on Japan Charcoal.
If you've heard about Okayama, Japan. You may also heard about It is the 2nd Largest Production and Distributor in Japan. And the Oyster we're eating today comes from Okayama too!

This Oyster dish is grilled together with Truffled Emulsion & Smoke Caviar.

Jess commented: "Caviar taste is a little too strong which covered the Original taste of the Oyster, however the Seafood taste is still blended very well". I actually like those Caviar a lot. Haha.
Next we have, Hotate Cauliflower!

There's one thing i love about Boruto, and it's their Food Presentation.
These Hotate looks so WOW with the Giant Shell and the Curried Cauliflower Florets Powder surrounds it!
Here comes my Favourite Dish of the Night!

Awabi a la Plancha,
Grilled Hokkaido Ezo Abalone with Bonito Soy & Parmesan Cheese
It's Live Abalone and it's really Super Super Tender!!! The taste is amazingly delicious! Thumbs Up for the Chewiness! Sauce is really nice too!

Raymond felt the taste and texture is something different than the ones we had at other places. He could taste its sweetness of the Abalone and in love with the Sauce of the dish.

Jess says the Tender of the Abalone is just Perfect! She also mentioned, Abalone normally tastes like plaster to her, and this is something different to her.

Overall, we all love the Abalone Dish! Well-cooked!
This is the Signature Dish of Boruto and its called Tori-Take Roll. It is Crispy Chicken Roulade Stuffed with Shiitake Jam, Spicy Vinaigrette.
Next, we had Beef Short Rib 58'C! Such a cool name! And it's "Sous Vide" USDA Short Rib with Kabocha Puree, with Baby Hierloom Carrots & Demi-Glace.
Raymond commented "the Beef is medium rare, Juice of the meat burst into flavours inside my mouth. Good blend with the Pumpkin sauce. Perfect taste!"

I feel the mixed is Juicy enough and the sauce is well-blend.
Something to refresh our Taste bud, here's Truffled Hiyashi Somen; Japanese Somen tossed with Truffle Emulsion, Shio Konbu, Truffle Molecules & Sakura Ebi.
This Dish is really good for Truffle lovers! The Truffle taste was really strong! Truffled Hiyashi Somen is a Cold Dish with very unique taste, strong Truffle taste and really magical to eat it with both Caviar and Crispy Sakura Ebi. Noodle is not too dry, and it's tender.
Jess also mentioned "the crisp of the Sakura Ebi gives new touch for the noodles yet the dryness of the Sake blends in well with the Caviar & Truffle taste".

Raymond also added "the texture were pretty good".
Last but not least, it's Dessert time!!!

Dessert Number One is my Favourite!
Truffle Creme Brulee: it's Truffled milk custard with burnt Sugar glaze!

I simply love how the Custard was blended with the "OMG" Sweet Sugar glaze! Haha.
It was not too sweet yet it blends very well with the Custard, eating both soft and slightly hard texture together in the mouth tastes really good.


Dessert Number Two: Warabi Mochi, It is a Jelly-like confection made from bracken starch & coated with kinako. Kinako is produced by finely grinding roasted soybeans into powder.

Overall, we had a Great time eating Yummy yummy food and drinking Sake!

Here's Raymond, Me, Angus (Head Chef of Boruto), Jess in the Group Photo!
Boruto provides many different Varieties of Sake for Diners.
And Really a lot of Sake, in their Fridge. No Joke. Haha.
Boruto provides Spaces for Private Events or Gatherings too, Talk to them so they can work out customize Packages for you!

It's a Cool and Chill Ambient Environment,
where you can rest your mind and Eat it out with Sake!

 Best of All, it's at the Central of Singapore, good for All!

Our Overall Experience & Review for Boruto:





Ahi Tataki - S$12.80/-
Oyster Grilled a la Bincho - S$15.80/-
Hotate Cauliflower - S$18.80/-
Awabi a la Plancha - S$42.80/-
Tori-Take Roll - S$15.80/-
Beef Short Rib 58'C - S$18.80/-
Truffled Hiyashi Somen - S$15.80/-
Truffle Creme Brulee - $8.80/-
Warabi Mochi - $6.80/-

80 South Bridge Road #01-01
Singapore 058710

Opening Hours
Daily 4.30pm to 12am
Sunday Closed


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