Top 5 Cafes to Hop in Johor Bahru!!!

As much as we would love to Cafe hop in Singapore, many of us would think twice due to the bills we've to pay. One good meal sometimes set us back to try other few good meals, so let alone cafe-hopping in Singapore for now! Let's try something new in Johor Bahru!

JB Cafehopping is an IN-THING to do right now!
Here are 5 Cafes to check out for a Cafe hopping Day Out!

RRR Cafe
(Roost Repurposed & Recycled Cafe)
 Other than yummilicious meals, RRR Cafe also plays very relaxing musics so you can feel the beats while eating and drinking!
Cold-pressed is the trend now!

Kone is a very Cool asthetic cafe to be in. It's very cosy and comfortable eating in their Cafe. I was pretty impressed with their pivot door too. Haha. Go and see for yourself!
The Dine-in Icecream named; Henna (Chocolate) and Matcho (Matcha) is their Signature and most popular Icecream here. Me and my friend ordered and we both agreed that the Green tea flavour isn't just purely beautiful but the fragrance of it is real awesome!
And everything here is so super Instagram worthy!
Leave no Icecream behind because it is just so so good!

If you ever thought of trying Bangkok Coconut Icecream, then you should not miss this one in JB too! They have afew different flavours, I ordered Thai Milk Tea scoops. There's free flow toppings such as corn, cornflakes, coconut bits and etc. You can fill and mix all you want!
My friend and I so so enjoyed sprinkled lots of coconut bits onto our icecream. It tastes really awesome with Thai Milk Tea flavoured Icecream!

The Replacement Lodge and Kitchen
The Replacement Lodge and Kitchen is often full house, so if it's short queue enough... please get in to try some Food there!

We tried Churros, and it comes with afew different sauces.


By Grace Trus

Cafe By Grace Trus is a white cafe space with very much unique and photogenic Icecream presentation. Flavours are mixed and comes together in a cup like this one above.
Just a quick walk (5mins), or a short taxi ride from the Checkpoint... and you get to enjoy all these Food! It's all along and around the same street. Try it some day soon!

Address is as followed:

Jalan Dhoby

Bandar Johor Bahru

80000 Johor Bahru

Johor Malaysia

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