Cafe Hopping and Street Food in Penang

Streets of Penang, George Town has many nostalgic shophouses, vintage shops & stalls that are so hard to come by in big cities these days. These Shops & Streets in Penang, consist many beautiful structure and spaces. Nonetheless, many Delicacies.
One of those days, me and my friends went to the Famous Breakfast place for Penang Locals.
It's located in 45 Lebuh Cintra, George Town, Tai Tong Restoran 大东酒家.
Overall, It's a Good place for many varieties of Traditional Dim Sum & Tarts. Yum yum!
The 2nd Must Try Place is The Safe Room, Campbell Street, Penang.
This Cafe attracted me to visit because of it's Artistic Interior and the Giant Lego on the wall.
Although I'm not a Lego Fan, but it's really nice to be in a Toy City. Haha.
Other than Lego, their interior consist some other Artistic Artifacts.
Not only their interior are nice, raw and cosy. Their Yard & toilet too!
Other than its Interior spaces, their Food Presentation looks pretty Awesome too!
However, not perfect for Food Photography because it's dim in there. Bring your own lights! Haha.

♥ Thanks for reading as always!

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