Chuan Ji Bakery Hainanese Mooncake Delicacies

Mooncake is one of the Chinese custom and tradition that is brought along by our ancestors. The custom of offering sacrifices to the moon has been replaced by celebrating the festival with family and friends. Moon-viewing parties are one of the ways to enjoy the occasion, with family and friends sitting in gardens lit by paper lanterns, sipping tea, nibbling on mooncakes.

If you're not looking to stock up sweet treats Mooncake this year, Chuan Ji Bakery Hainanese styled Mooncake Biscuit might be your cup of tea. 

The packaging may seem to be super simple, compare to other Mooncakes vendors. But what makes Chuan Ji stand out from others is the fragrance that came out from these individually sealed packets when you cut open. I'm so super impressed by the rich fragrance at first, and second the taste of it. 

Photogenic food has been trending ever since it became de rigueur to post, most people focusing on food appearance and believe that it may tastes as good as it looks. Many of us have intuitive eating, but Chuan Ji will change your impression on Food when you try it. 

Chuan Ji Mooncake Biscuit combines 13 different ingredients with 5 Main ingredients: Sesame Seeds, Orange Peel and Orange Hill (山桔), Melon Seeds, Shallots.

In general, Chuan Ji Bakery sells a traditional pastry commonly known as Su Yan Bing (酥盐餅) in Hainanese, which means flaky, salty biscuit. It is also sometimes known as salt-and-pepper mooncake, best semi-savoury mooncake.

It is a heritage recipe since 1926, Chuan Ji has established its own customer bases. Being able to bring back the traditional fond taste, brings happy moments, reminisce and legacy to those who have deep memories for these Hainanese Mooncakes. 

This is very much a simply unique practical food gift too, inspire the taste buds of your loved ones.

1 Box of 6pcs - $28
2 box and above - $26/box

Takashimaya Shopping Centre: B2 Square 8 August – 13 September 2019 Shopfront: 401 Macpherson Road, Macpherson Mall, #01-17,
Singapore 368125

For enquiries, please contact 9028 8191 or email or visit
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