Cook & Eat Apom Bok Kwa: Secret Recipes from The Peranakan Chef

It was pre-planned that I'll be attending this Apom Bok Kwa Workshop on 26th January 2019. However, I was half-sick on the day of attending. I'm glad I learnt something new and with the help of my hubby doing almost everything for me in the workshop. Haha.  
As you know how much me and my family were so in love with the ambient and food served by the restaurant, The Peranakan. I'm definitely very excited to learn Peranakan dishes and hoping that it's not too complicated for me because I'm only using Thermomix to cook in my recent months and it's almost a year now. 
The class provide stove station for everybody, cooking in a pair. Of course, my pair would be me and my husband. Firstly, we would need to pick our ingredients at the ingredients station.  
Weigh accordingly to instructions, and leave it at our stove station for further instructions.
Yes, from taking the ingredients to cooking. My husband is the one that is doing it... LOL
Now, the husband stir and mix well the batter after receiving more instructions from Chef / Cooking Teacher.
While waiting for the batter to rise, we're going to make the sauce to eat with Apom Bok Kwa later.

Next, we need to pick our ingredients for the sauce, here goes Pisang (bananas). 
Gula Melaka and Pandan Leaf on the table.
Next, hubby cooking the Gula Melaka with Pandan leaf... Due to sick, and my nose has blockage I missed the fragrant during this entire cooking class. Well, everyone else was commenting how nice the fragrant was. Haha. 
Next, slice the banana and collect the coconut milk. 
Add everything into the pot, here we go!
The sauce is ready!
Here's us taking our break with Butterfly Pea drink as well as Kuih Dadar and Nasi Ulam.

Next, let's cook our Apom Bok Kwa on the brass mould.

The first batch of our "Art" isn't very successful.

The 2nd batch looks slightly cuter.
Disclaimer: The traditional Apom Bok Kwa does not come with drawing on these "pancakes". 
Pronounced as "Apom Bok Kwa", sometimes may be written as “Apom Berkuah” literally means “pancakes with an accompanying sauce”. “Apom” has its origins in traditional Indian cooking to mean “Appam“, a pancake made with fermented rice batter and coconut milk.

If you are interested in learning Peranakan dishes, look out for the dates stated and don't miss out for the next few classes! They also teach secret recipe of Nasi Ulam (Nyonya Herb Rice).

442 Orchard Road,
#02-01, Claymore Connect
@ Orchard Hotel,
Singapore 238879

Reservation / Catering available too!
Tel: +65 6262 4428

Opening Hours
Daily 11am to 10pm


♥ Thanks for reading as always!

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