The Trending and Famous Ken's Cafe Tokyo Chocolate Cake - Coming to Singapore in Dec 2018!


Some may have heard, Ken’s Cafe in Tokyo, tucked away in the Shinjuku neighbourhood is quite a popular trend with its gâteau au chocolat (French chocolate cake), famous for its decadent richness. Getting one of these chocolate cake seems like buying a limited edition branded bag. I was told that average waiting time in Japan for its pre-order is around three months. It's your lucky day if you walk into a smaller branch in Tokyo, and get it off the shelf.

The Good News is, we're lucky to be in Singapore. Any famous food and stuff, always come into Singapore real soon. Just like this one, I'm pleased that I'm one of the lucky one who get to try it before the official launch in Singapore.

I went to the pre-launch exclusive tasting of The Gateau Chocolat Specialties from the acclaimed chocolatier Ken's Cafe Tokyo at Watanabe Coffee Cafe at Isetan Scotts, Shaw Centre at Orchard Road Singapore.

Just a little about Wantanabe Coffee; there's not really an introduction about them. It's not my first time here. It does feel a little japan in here, cosy and relaxing ambiance. They are quite well-known for their coffee specialty as well as it's good for a japan atmosphere afternoon high tea.

Backed to the topic:
In Japan, The Gateau Chocolat Specialties are only produced exclusively in the kitchen of KEN'S CAFE TOKYO. And for the first time in Singapore, this limited production delicacy will be handmade, one by one, in the kitchen of WATANABE COFFEE by their very own chef who has studied under Chef Kenji Ujiie, the founder of Ken's Cafe Tokyo, on site in Japan.

This award-winning Gateau Chocolat is gluten-free and uses specially selected high quality valrhona grand cru chocolate. Discover not only the deep flavours in the chocolate itself, but also the richness, sweetness and bitterness brought out by a unique processing that is devised to let you enjoy this trinity of tastes.

You may enjoy it with 3 different variety of textures and temperatures:

(1) Heated up: Fondant Chocolat when 10-15sec in the microwave. Thicker slice is recommended.

(2) Room Temperature: The classic way. The moist and rich texture like a terrine Chocolat.

(3) Chilled: Texture is like a Ganache au chocolat (fresh cream chocolate). Thinner slice is recommended.

My favourite version is chilled, and I think it's the best way to eat it.
You may also dine in at Watanabe Coffee, with single portion pair with vanilla icecream and cacao nibs, blends well altogether.

Its official launch is on 1st Dec 2018 whereby only a limited quantity of 20 cakes per day will be sold! The pre-order is fully booked until 4th Dec 2018 as of now. If you like to order, you may pre-order here:

It can be kept in the refrigerator for 2 weeks and room temperature for 3 days. 

Ken's Cafe Tokyo Chocolate Cake: 
Dine in single portion - $8++
280g Whole Cake - $45+GST

350 Orchard Road #01-00,
Isetan Scotts Shaw House,
Singapore 238868 Contact: 6235 0605 Email to Order: info [a]

Opening Hours
Sun-Thur 8.30am-10pm
Fri & Sat 8.30am-11pm
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♥ Thanks for reading as always!

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