Yong Tau Foo & Bar at Telok Ayer by Fu Lin Bar & Kitchen

Yes, you have not read wrongly. It's Yong Tau Foo and "Bar". Well, being in a bar suppose to be a whole lot different atmosphere than any place for Yong Tau Foo.
But let me share with you this whole new concept of eating Yong Tau Foo in a bar, or rather you can drink your cocktails and pair with your dinner Yong Tau Foo (especially if you're running out of time for dinner before meeting your friends for some drinks). Hop over to Fu Lin Bar & Kitchen where you can have both filling dinners as well as your drinks of the night.
Okay, I'll explain this below.
I used to work around Telok Ayer street years ago, and there's always people talking about the famous Yong Tau Foo along the street. Well, almost everybody had eaten Fu Lin's Legendary Yong Tau Foo for at least once in their life.
As heard, originated from a popular hawker stall established in 1994. Its flagship hawker stall at East Coast but they have a couple of other outlets. Without any doubt, Fu Lin's Yong Tau Foo is still one of the best in Singapore till this date. Their boss is very particular of each and individual of how the food is made for every branch. Thumbs up!
Talking about Fu Lin Yong Tau Foo, it's not only about the Yong Tau Food ingredients prepared but also the one-and-only Unique sauce they made as well as the awesome Noodles quality. It's healthy and a local delicacy you can share with your overseas friends who are coming to Singapore too!

Even more exciting now because it's a Yong Tau Foo Place in the day, and a Bar in the night.

How so? The Bar counter turns into a Yong Tau Foo ingredients counter in the day and a Bar in the night. Interesting concept right? This is now one of the many hipster places you can go, good for OOTDs too!

Well, after looking at how Fu Lin Bar & Kitchen atmosphere. Let me introduce you to their customisable creative cocktails!

Blogger Love Bella Vida and The Hedgehog Knows was there to do this Food tasting with me, and we all have the time of our life trying all the different unique cocktails.

The list of Cocktail names are actually pretty Unique, let me start off with Berry Berries, and there goes Professor Nutty, Buah Long Long, The Lady and Blue Frog. 

The Food presentation is really pretty and much like-able to me.
With awesome artifacts and walls surrounds us, we can, of course, play with our #whatsonthetable shots or rather #someoneisdrinkingourcocktail shots. LOL.

Some cocktails are a little more fun than the other. This one here turns into sparkling Galaxy cocktail in blinking seconds. This is so magical right!? I call this Unicorn's Galaxy.

Last but not least, you can also order some really tasty side dishes from Fu Lin Bar & Kitchen. My favourite of the day is the very crispy Enoki Mushroom Fries.
Here's Truffle Tofu.
Muar Otah is something I would go for too!
Crispy Pork Belly & Chargrilled Iberico Pork would be good for Pork lovers too!

Overall Experience & Review for Fu Lin Bar & Kitchen:




Legendary Yong Tau Foo- $18/-
Fu Lin Noodles- $4/-
Muar Otah- $9/-
Crispy Pork Belly- $12/-
Chargrilled Iberico Pork- $15/-
Truffle Tofu- $9/-
Enoki Mushroom Fries- $8/-
Cocktails- $20++

127 Telok Ayer Street,
Singapore 068596

Opening Hours
Mon-Sat 10am-3pm - Yong Tau Foo, 3pm onwards Fu Lin Bar
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APRIL **PROMOTION** from Fu Lin Bar & Kitchen
Fu Lin Noodles + Yong Tau Foo + 1/2 Pint of Asahi White - Only $16++


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