CLOSED: Premium Quality Food at Kopitiam: SG Braised Rice 十格捞饭 at Plaza Singapura


In this blog post, I'm gonna share with you where you can get amazing premium food at affordable price. It's not difficult to spot high-end food such as Abalone these days in the food court, however, value in money is another thing we always have to consider these days.
SG Braised Rice, a new concept from Thai Village Restaurant recently started two concept stalls in Food court in Singapore. Giving you the best out of the norm in Food court. Thai Village Restaurant usually serves Thai cuisines, and Braised Abalone Rice is an expanded version of the Thai Village Food Menu. Sg Braised Rice gives you the privilege of eating Restaurant's food at Foodcourt prices, the Chinese premium dishes at both ION Orchard Food Republic and Plaza Singapura Kopitiam
SG Braised Rice serves rice dishes which comes with a thick superior broth sauce along with premium ingredients such as Waygu beef, Unagi, Fish Maw, Prawns, Crab Meat, Abalone and also top with vegetables. 
The Superior sauce is made from the mushroom oyster sauce, chicken stock and premium ingredients which is their secret recipe. So you'll never get the same taste elsewhere. Crab meat is peeled from cooked live crabs. Fish maws are carefully prepared to maintain the original flavour with the great texture!
As a seafood lover, I absolutely love the wide varieties of the seafood choices provided on the Food Menu. The Superior sauce are the same for all dishes. 
Not forgetting the Meat & Vegetable lovers, they have some really crispy fried Chicken cutlet and Tempura Mushroom side dishes here!
Little details, just like the chilli sauce enhances the food to a different level too.
The side dishes here seems bigger portion than I ever imagined.
If you love saving money as well as paying for good food that really value-for-money, this is where you should hop too. 

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Kopitiam @ 68 Orchard Road,
Plaza Singapura, Singapore 238839

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