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Located in the West of Singapore, Big Box is known for its factory-to-storefront concept Mall. Combining bulk prices and the convenience of a one-stop shopping experience which is located next to Jurong East MRT Station.
Today I'm here at Big Box, not for shopping but to try their wide Varieties of Food at the Yummy Box Food Court @ Level 3! There are plenty of dishes to try and I've tried some of the most Unique dishes at Yummy Box! Kicking off with Thai Chef Platter, Ipoh Horfun, Hainanese Traditional Mutton Soup and last but not least, Mala Hotpot.

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Firstly, Thai Chef Platter
Food Stall: Siam Wok
A Huge Dish, with the Generous portion of Pineapple Rice, Chicken wings, Mango / Papaya Salad, Vegetables, Sotong, Prawns and Unique Taste Sauce cost only $23.90/-. The Food Menu stated portion for 2 pax. However, I find it challenging to finish even if it's a 4-5 pax Family! I believe this will be a good and budget meal for a Big family!

Authentic Shredded Chicken Horfun + Prawn (Soup)
Food Stall: Shan Cheng Ipoh Hor Fun
Do you miss Ipoh? Apparently, I just came back from Ipoh, Malaysia. Compared to those commercialized Ipoh Hor Fun in Ipoh, I would say Ipoh Horfun here at Yummy Box is a MUST TRY. Who doesn't love super smooth and silky kuey teow (rice noodles)? The soup base is well boiled with their very own secret recipe, the dish is topped with shredded chicken, scallions, and fresh sweet prawns.

Hainanese Traditional Mutton Soup
Food Stall: Hainan Mutton Soup
I'm not a Mutton meat lover but I absolutely love this Soup! Surprisingly without MSG added, Amazingly Super Rich & Unique taste, Varieties and Portion of the Herbs are very Generous too! I'm pretty impressed with their white rice too, it has strong fragrant of Lemongrass.

Mala Hot Pot
Food Stall: Mala Hot Pot
It may look super Spicy for non-spicy eaters. The Good News is you can choose your level of Spicy at the Food Stall cashier upon ordering! You can also challenge yourself with much Spicy Mala Dish here to level up your taste bud. Mala Hot Pot serves fresh ingredients as well as blends the taste of the Dish really well. For me, I'll just take Mild Spicy and the taste of it is still very tasty. I love how the saltiness flavour blends well with the spices! Yum yum!

There are many more international cuisines worth trying! Now you know where you can #foodhop soon yea! Big Box Level 3 Foodcourt!
Don’t forget to flash your membership card / E-Card to the cashier food stall before you make payment to enjoy the 10% off!

Overall Experience & Review for BIG BOX Yummy Box @ Level 3 Food Court:



Thai Chef Platter - $23.90/2pax, $42.90/4pax
Authentic Shredded Chicken Horfun + Prawn (Dry/Soup) - $5.50/bowl
Hainanese Traditional Mutton Soup - $7.90 (additional rice +$1)
Mala Hot Pot - Varies prices, Charge by weight

1 Venture Avenue,
Singapore 608521

Opening Hours

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