Bober Tea @ Bishan - Premium, Affordable & Creative Bubble Teas!

Before Koi & Gongcha was here, aren't we all Crazy for different kind of Bubble Tea just like Sweet Talk and other random Bubble Tea shops around the Neighbourhood? There’s never been a better time for Bubble Tea. With decades of history and new waves of craft bubble tea all over the world, Bober tea has tons of flavors to choose from. Today I got invited to Bober Tea!
It's Good to know, Bober Tea uses Premium Ingredients such as Okinawa Black sugar / Hokkaido Milk / Pure Matcha Powder / Fresh Fruits which are Grade A. They serve different Creative Milk Tea such as Black sugar Konjac Jelly Milk Tea / Salted Caramel Milk Tea / Black Glutinous Rice Milk Tea / Roasted Walnut Oolong Milk Tea / Collagen Jelly Milk Tea / Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea which many of the Teas you don't get from elsewhere. Its Originality is one of the aspects I respect. Who doesn't love aesthetically beautiful things? Not only is Bober tea inspiring aesthetically, good taste and it is also caringly healthy for everyone as some of their toppings are made backend in their shop and unlike artificial mass produce from processed factories.
I've tried Ruby Grapefruit Green Tea with Boba Pop, Brown Sugar Fresh Milk with 65 Degree Boba, Salted Caramel Milk Tea, Hazelnut Milk Tea, Supreme Fruit Burst Green Tea, Uji Matcha Latte. And.. My Favourite of the day is Supreme Fruit Burst Green Tea! Yay!
Bober Tea is artisan tea focused on providing affordable, high-quality and tasty blends of Tea with a Gist of local flavour inside. The founder had found on his travels abroad the various tastes of Taiwan, Japanese and Chinese Bubble teas are vastly superior and has brought back the best of both worlds to Singapore, the quality of overseas tea quality coupled with the fusion of high-grade bobas.
Their Top Seller is Brown Sugar Fresh Milk with Hot Brown sugar Pearl (Hot and cold Sensation).

And their Best drinks are:

- Hokkaido Milk Cap Green Tea/ Mango / Strawberry
- Roasted oolong Milk Tea with Walnut
- Taro Milk
- Grapefruit Green Tea with Popping Boba

Their Signature Toppings are:
Popping Boba (Strawberry / Passionfruit/ Grapefruit)

And, For Healthy tea every day, Bober Tea recommend:
1000ml Cup with Different fruits in 1 cup (Supreme Fruit Burst Green/Red Tea)

Whether you're buying for yourself or someone special, Bober Tea is the ultimate unique Teas, especially when it’s Party time!

Don't forget to browse their Unique Pearl & Toppings and add some interesting ones to your Flavourful Teas! My favourite topping is their "White Jelly Pearl" and "Collagen Jelly".
Bober Tea is conveniently located at Bishan MRT.

Overall Experience & Review for Bober Tea:




Ruby Grapefruit Green Tea with Boba Pop - $5.50 (S), $6.70 (M)
Sugar Fresh Milk with 65 Degree Boba - $3.80 (S), $4.80 (M)
Salted Caramel Milk Tea - $3.50 (S), $4.70 (M)
Hazelnut Milk Tea - $3.50 (S), $4.70 (M)
Supreme Fruit Burst Green Tea - $7.20 (L)
Uji Matcha Latte - $4.50 (S)

Bishan MRT Station 200 Bishan Road, #01-01, Singapore 579827
(Next to 7-Eleven)

Opening Hours
Daily 11am-10pm
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Get this Bober Tea’s Cute cartoon box for FREE when you purchased 6 Drinks and above for take-away!

♥ Thanks for reading as always!

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