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Have you heard of Asmara before? It's normal if you haven't heard about them as they are pretty new startup! I came to realise about them at a booth at Food & Hotel Asia 2018. Tried some of their drinks and bought back home. 
Asmara sells Functional Health Beverage & Healthy Fruit Jams and is a Singapore based food science and nutrition company that specializes in natural and functional beverages designed for general health and well-being. Every beverage formulated fuses together Scientific, Ayurvedic, and Traditional Chinese knowledge to enhance the beneficial effects each drink may provide when consumed. Asmara range of products are 100% natural; without any added preservatives or artificial flavourings. As mentioned by Asmara, the beverages are proudly researched and manufactured in an ISO 22000:2005, HACCP, and Halal-certified facility in Singapore.
I've bought back these few beverages:
Asana 6: Comfort from Nature -$6

The word “Asana” is associated with comfort and this drink seeks to bring an understated comfort to the consumer using organic lavender and rose in its formulation. Asana 6 is made from a blend of 6 unique functional ingredients: New Zealand black doris plum, French rose, organic garcinia indica (mangosteen family) extract, winter cherry (Indian ginseng), lavender and prebiotic fibre. These herbs and flowers work together to improve your mood, cognition, skin health and digestive health.

Asari 7: Radiance Redefined - $8

The word “Asari” refers to a profound poem, where the beverage features bird’s nest, a highly-valued ingredient to complete a complex and novel product. Asari 7 contains a blend of seven functional ingredients and herbs that improve your skin health, radiance, mood and digestive health. Bird’s Nest, a key ingredient in the beverage, plays a vital role in Traditional Chinese Medicine for its tonifying properties that improve your immunity and skin complexion.

Astri 33: Where Ancient Wisdom Meets Science - $4.50

The name “Astri” was inspired by the stars, bright and vibrant entities. This beverage carries similar qualities in its bright and refreshing taste as well as its naturally intense and vibrant yellow appearance. Astri 33 is made from fresh lemongrass, Manuka honey, lime extract, pandan extract, and 33 different herbs such as organic turmeric, ginger, guggulu, gooseberry, liquorice, Indian ginseng, asparagus root, and many others. These herbs naturally contain beneficial phyto-compounds that are known to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, digestive, antibacterial, and anti-viral properties.

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My very favourite one is Asari 7, not only because it has luxury quality ingredient such as bird nest. Looking at it closely it actually has gold sprinkles in the drink. Looking so beautifully!
I especially love the texture of the drink. 
If you aren't aware, Bird Nest can also promote overall immunity system as well as help to beautify your skin, rejuvenate and provide protein in your body which is produced by the Amino acid in the Birdnest. 

To help you understand more about Asmara & their products, you may refer to link below: 

Last but not least, Asmara produce some really beautiful fruit jams too! Check their website out soon!

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