Poke Bowls: New Food Trend @ Capitol Piazza

If you haven't heard of Poke yet (pronounced as Po-kay), that's a new wave of eating trend happening in Singapore! I've recently tried one of the Poke Bowl concept store at Capitol Piazza, so here's more about Sweet Fish Poke!

Apart from the traditional dining scene, Poke Bowl is somewhat portable and convenient to bring around to eat. However, Poke bowl also means "Fish Salad" and these are raw fish aka Sashimi Salads. This hippest food trend is also a universal dish in other countries such as United States, as it is hip, fun, delicious, nutritious and something everyone can enjoy every single day!

Although I'm not really a fish lover, I think eating enough fishes and calcium intake is extremely important. This is a healthy salad to start with. Eating well is the first step to living well.

The season Poke Yusheng bowl may be something unique for you as now you can eat it on your own and not in a large group, sometimes we don't even know whose saliva we've gotten on our Salmon! Haha!

For Fish Lover, trust me... This will be a heaven for you! In these Poke Yusheng bowls, there are thick and fresh cubes of fish, Yusheng salad mix, a light amount of sushi rice with a very generous portion given. For non-fish lover, you may feel a little fishy here but it's a good motivation to start getting healthy salad meals. Sweet Fish also provides non-fish Poke Bowls, if fishes salads are not part of your choice. 

If you are always picky for Fish only whenever you Louhei, Sweet Fish offers "Prosperity Yusheng Platter" with a very generous amount of Fishes cubes too!

Here's Ultimate Lo Hei Guide from Sweet Fish!
And you may view Promotion from Sweet Fish below!

The non-promotional menu is available on Foodpanda platform too!

Overall Experience & Review for Poke Bowls:




Sweetfish Personal Prosperity Poke Bowl - $15/-

13 Stamford Road, B2-30, Capitol Piazza, Singapore 178905

Opening Hours
Daily 11.30am-8pm
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**PROMOTION** from Sweet Fish Poke
PROMO 1: Grab your Seasonal "Prosperity Yusheng Platter" now!
(Serves 5-15 pax, depends on individual appetite actually)
S($48), M($68), L($88)

The good news is that you don't have to fight over the precious thinly sliced sashimi anymore at
your next Lo Hei! Instead, you can indulge in Sweet Fish generous portions of Chunky fresh Sashimi
and have a blast with friends, family and colleagues this Lunar New Year with our Sweetfish Yu
Sheng Party Platter!

And to top it up, this is the first ever Poke Outlet in the World to launch a personal Prosperity Poke
Bowl - an individual-sized Yu Sheng bowl as well. Definitely suits the needs of people who really super love Yusheng dish!

PROMO 2: Sweetfish Lucky Pups - each at only $8 with any Yu Sheng purchase (U.P. $12).
$20 for 3
. For Yu Sheng Party Platters spending above $100, you can also get a Sweetfish Lucky Pup absolutely FREE! Yea! FREE Pups! 旺旺!

Both Promo ends Last Day of CNY 2018!

♥ Thanks for reading as always!

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